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Inner Peace

Inner peace. I’ve found you. I’m sorry it took so long. I had the wrong form. No man can truly find it. I needed to be pure, I needed to be free, I needed to be feminine, a girl. I’ve never felt so good, I’ve never felt so calm, I’ve never felt so happy. I finally found my inner peace. Nothing I could ever have as a man.

It Worked

Yes! It worked. Look at me, I’m a girl. Vagina, breasts, soft skin. They were right. This beach does change you it’s magical. I’m a girl. Yes. It worked.

TG shower

It is a definite must have. I never thought of having one but the house I bought already had one installed. It was months before I tried it but once I had, I’d wish I’d given it a go sooner. Read more

My Girlfriend Is MY DAD Part 2

It was a very strange week. I was taking my Dad is a woman’s body to the mall and many other shopping centers to buy clothes, makeup, and anything else he needed to blend into this new form he was trying to discover everything about. Dad made sure to learn how women walked, talked, and dress and much to my shock, he was good at being a woman: he gained new lady friends including Ms. Jackson next door. He needed a name for his female life so I gave him a name: Rose. Everything new he discovered about his new body, he made sure to log it down for his research however, it wasn’t always just for science. Read more

My Girlfriend Is MY DAD Part 1

My Dad was a brilliant scientist who wanted to create the perfect body with a single drink. No need to worry about a diet, going to the gym, or whatever: just take a drink and you’re an instant model. Soon enough my father would find that serum but with the results, he was not expecting Read more

Proud and Naked

Tired of shunning themselves after being changed to chicks at the carnival for insulting an old lady, the men turned sexy babes, decided to do the opposite and go for a walk together for support, naked in celebration of their bodies instead of hiding them indoors. Vick now Vanessa on the right briefly spoke as they walked naked. Read more

Night to Remember

Mack passed out on the floor, after a night of watching way to much porn and playing with himself. Mack will be in for a surprise when he wakes up as Courtney, who would be the porn company’s latest addition to their ranks of hot babes. The porn company was the one that made the videos Mack watched that night before passing out asleep, and their hidden agenda was to recruit those interested in their videos, by magically enhancing certain blu-rays. They would do it rarely so as not to arouse suspicion, and loved the fact it usually changed a man to a sexy babe, because as former men, the new babes would know exactly how to please their male porn stars in their videos. Read more

A Bet is a Bet

Ted and Jerry agreed that whomever won the bowling game would be able to tell the loser to do whatever he wanted during the next game. Ted didn’t know that there was more to Jerry than it seemed, so when Ted lost the match, he was shocked when he was suddenly transformed into a naked woman wearing only pink heels and fishnet gloves. Even his bowling ball had changed to pink, but his new plump painted lips were open in shock not only at the changes, but Jerry grabbing his new soft round ass with his firm male hands, with his erection out with an evil grin. Let’s just say the next game went very different for Ted.