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Test subject

The future started with the creation of the nanobot, the ultimate technology, able to do nearly anything, and like any new technology it took a while for society to accept it, but once they did the addiction started. it used to be only the rich who had access due to it being absurdly expensive, but who wouldn’t pay for absolute control over your body.
But after the company that was holding a monopoly of the market BioBots started to produce less expensive bots the public got their hands on it.
and that put the public into the controlling hands of BioBots. the CEO Sam Poice
is known for using his family as the first test subjects of nanobots (which killed them) and when they found out he simply threatened to take away all bots, and the shut public up. Read more

Gender equalities

The new subject in school was called “Gender equalities”. Everybody had to it, it was mandatory. The school director said, that this exam is important to push the gender mainstreaming. However, the questions for that test were so easy that nobody learned for that test. If you wrote something, like “Woman are equal with man” or “They can handle jobs in high positions as well” you easily passed it. For me this subject was so unnecessary that I decided to make fun of this test and wrote all the times that men’s are so much better than women, they should stay in the kitchen and so on… I thought it was fun… Read more

Not today

Old grandpa Joe was slowly dying from cancer. The 80 years old man however didn’t want to give up so he looked for a cure no matter what. “Not today death” he repeated every day. Soon he found that a group of scientists developed a crazy technology of nanobots that could be used to cure defective ceels. The technology was still in tests but Joe had nothing to lose. He signed up for the project and soon he was injected with the nanobots. Read more

Don’t want to be Adorable

“That’s it!?” Tom’s bellicose laughter echoed across the phone, “You go through all the trouble to turn yourself into a woman and you get teeny little tits?!” Read more


I used to be a spy. I was hired to infiltrate a pharmaceutical company that was running some shady experiments. I was the best at what I did. Up until this time, I had never been caught. Read more