Fixing it

A coworker caught me looking at a captions site during work hours. He started blackmailing me. He said he could get me fired if he wanted to. He said I should give him 50% of my paycheck if I didn’t want anybody to know what I was doing.

At the moment, I had to agree. When my next paycheck came, I gave him half of it in an envelope “You must know, this money is cursed” I said jokingly. Later that night, I got a call from him. I unlocked my tablet and answered. Instead of him, a hot brunnette, dressed in nothing but a red bra, gray panties, and a really small jacket was on the other side. “James is that you?” I asked. “You did this! you bastard!” she yelled. Of course I knew it was him, after all, the curse was supposed to turn him into a hot bimbo, mind and body, but for some reason, her mind hadn’t change just yet. She then paused for a second or two, her sight looked blank. She touched her lips and tongue sexily, closed her eyes, and sent me a kiss. “I must have you now” she said, while taking a step back, and dancing for the camera. “You know I have a crush on you ever since I met you John” she said. Of course I knew, it was part of the spell.

I went to her place, we had sex. I couldn’t believe she was so great in bed. Afterwards, we cuddled for a while, I kissed her, “we should do this everynight” I told her. On the way back to my appartment, I couldn’t help but think “Problem fixed”.


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