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Going rogue

“Snow Base, the target is down,” Thomas Wilson reported into the little wire he was wearing in his bra. There was a burst of static in his earpiece, followed by a verbal message: “Agent Wilson, the Company acknowledges your accomplishment. Return to base.” Read more

The Fall of The Secret Agency – Part 1

There was a group of men that would vandalize banks and steal from them on a weekly bases running through the city and our job was to stop them. These guys proved to be above the limit of trouble that the Police can handle, and so our secret services were hired for the job. As the founder and leader of the association, I ordered my men to gather some Intel and they did. The criminals were having an underground gambling night at a abandoned warehouse and I sent one of my best agents to enter and try and gather more information but when the doorbell of our HQ rang and we expected the agent to return, we answered, finding only a DVD on the doorstep. Read more


I used to be a spy. I was hired to infiltrate a pharmaceutical company that was running some shady experiments. I was the best at what I did. Up until this time, I had never been caught. Read more