Fighting it

I ran from my captors. They had just turned me into a chick. I was able to run away before the mind alteration kicked in. I cried for help. I got to a man, “please help me” I said. “How can I help you? what’s wrong?” he said. “Those men” I said pointing back “are trying to abduct me”.

The man smiled “Those men? they look like nice men, I don’t think they are trying to capture a nice lady like you”. I realized he was working with them. I tried to run. “Don’t run. Stay with me” he said. For some reason I stopped and looked back at him. “You are a nice young lady, I am sure no one wants to harm you”. I tried to resist his words entering my mind. “I am nice looking I know” I said. “No, I think you are great looking. You might have small breasts, but you are a confident woman”. I still wanted to run away, but I felt calm “You think so? I am hawt!, but small breasts? are you crazy? I have great big breasts” I said while revealing them to the stranger.

A few men, walked up to us. “She’s ready, be carefull next time, we don’t want an asset to escape. Take her to his new master”. I didn’t know what they were talking about, but I did follow the men. I felt so happy, I just wanted to be great for my new master, I am eager to meet him.


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