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New found abilities

The truth is I don’t know how long I have had this ability. But it was only recently that I found out about it. I was with my best buddy James at the coffee shop. And we were both bored. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and thought about how much better this day would be if I were with my highschool crush right now. As I openned my eyes, I noticed James was gone, replaced by none other that Amy, my highschool crush. Read more

Genie Series End.

I am really thankfull for all your wishes. I hope you all enjoyed it. And I also hope that in the future, I can do a second round. But for the time being, I won’t be taking anymore wishes. Read more

Date with a witch

My date was a witch, but not a very good one. She told me she could do stuff I could only dream off. She the lit the candle infront of me with a simple hand gesture. I was amazed, “wow? how did you do that?” I asked her. “I told you, I am a witch” she said. “And why are you telling me that?” I asked her. “Well, males make the best witches” she said. “Wait what?” I asked. She didn’t answer, she just did a new hand gesture. And in no time, everything changed. I was in her body, looking at the former me. Read more

Genie Series #32. @Captainboobs

“Hey genie. Jim here wanting to be able to go into the ladies changing rooms without anyone noticing anything out of the ordinary. Thanks.” Jim asked Genie. “Well, this one is an easy one to grant Jim. Wish Granted” she said, and faded away. Read more

Genie Series #31. @Skxawng

Genie read Joseph’s wish “Hey Genie, my name is Joseph. I only get one wish? Then I wish I could have your magical power so I could fulfill all of my other wishes!”, she couldn’t help but giggle. “Oh Joseph, you want to be a Genie like myself? sorry, but I can’t allow that. Although, there are many other magical beings I can turn you into. There hasn’t been a black winged angel for centuries. I think you’ll make a perfect one. Wish granted” Genie said. Read more

Genie Series #11. @stryke89

“My name is Alex, and I wish to become a hot naughty gamer girl!” Genie read outloud. “I love these kind of wishes, straight and simple” she said. “Wish granted” Genie said while transforming into a game avatar. Alex was at home, playing games as usual, when his controller started shaking, it was like rumble but way too intense. It started to fall apart, “cheap piece of plastic” Alex said outloud, but then he noticed pink goo dripping out of it. In a matter of seconds he was completely covered by the goo. Read more

Genie Series #30. @tiffany23

“Hello Genie! My name is Trent and I’m getting bored as the CEO of my company. I wish that I could live a much simpler life with a more menial life” Genie smiled as she read Trents wish. “I know exactly what he needs. Wish granted” she said, and as faded away into pink holographic symbols. Read more

So real

“She looks so real” were my last words as a man. The sculpture of one of my favorite characters caught my eye. I had to take a closer look at it. I don’t know why, but I felt the need to touch her. As soon as I did, everything changed. I was looking at what appeared to be myself. “What just happened?” I asked with a girl’s voice. I grabbed my throath. “I sound like a girl” I said. The former me looked paralized, like if he was some kind of mannequin. Read more

Genie Series #10. @Rincewind42

“That’s a fun wish” Genie said while reading the next wish, “My name is Will, and I wish to be loved by everyone around me”. It was easy to know how it will turn out. “I am sure that Will will get more than he wished for” Genie said before saying “wish granted” and disappearing. Read more