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I laugh. I just laugh. I can’t help it. When I pee, I sit. And it makes me laugh because it makes me remember when I was a man. I stood to pee then, I had a dick, I was a dude.
I can’t believe that was me. I couldn’t go back. I love my smooth skin, my tits and long hair. My favourite is the two sweet pink lips that make my vagina.
I laugh because half the planet still have to live as me . They still have to live as the lesser gender.

The Thaumatologist

I need to confess something to you. I hated you. You were my college roommate at the time, and I was jealous of you, and angry at you. You were smarter than me, I admit that. You were stronger, and better looking. You were suave with women, bedding a different beautiful woman every weekend, while I never got laid except by ugly girls who were very drunk. Read more

Happy Birthday

“To Mark. Open me”
That´s all it said on the note next to the gift box on the table.
I scratched my head. Owen, my roommate, was an notorious prankster and gifts from him shouldn´t been taken lightly.
With outmost care I losened the ribbon on the top.
It didn´t help me the slightest.
When I pulled the ribbon I activated the trap, which exploded in a cloud of glitter and smoke, enveloping me completely in the process. Read more

Finding Jobs

The three men were hopeless. No one would give them a job. They weren’t dumb or incapable but no one wanted them. Then an employment agency came up with a radical new approach. Sexy women in short skirts and heels are bound to please a male employer. So the three men became three women.
Marcus became Mary (Left).
Gus became Gloria (middle).
Damien became Dawson (right).
The three women soon found jobs as personal assistants in one of the world’s largest banks. The best thing was that the three girls got to stick together. They purely wanted jobs. They believed that becoming women would be a large sacrifice but now their views have changed. They all love being female. Even their sexuality has been altered to suit their new forms. Gloria has already lost her virginity and is renowned for being the office slut. She is rumoured to have fucked at least a dozen men this month. Mary on the other hand is more reserved and due to her new female urges is slowly introducing herself to the dating scene. Dawson on the other hand, as you can see from the ring on her finger, is engaged. Dawson loves her fiancé and will marry him within the next 6 months. Dawson looks forward to a long loving marriage with maybe even children along the way.
The three of them certainly gained more than jobs due to their changes.

Best bet ever made

Becoming a bimbo hasn’t been easy. First the transformation and living in a new place and then adjusting to the lifestyle. I only did it because I lost a stupid bet. But maybe now that I’ve experienced the other side and my new form. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.
Living like a bimbo is fun. The sex is great, the clothes are hot and fun to wear and you are the admiration of many. You wear slutty make up and get too wear pretty colours and all the men want you. It’s the best bet I’ve ever made.

Just let me take a selfie so you can remember me

When the world became overpopulated by males the government had to act. To combat this they began changing males into females.
Richie was randomly chosen to take part in the program. He was taken by a pair of government officials to a mysterious building. Here they took him into a chamber.
Then he was stripped of his clothes and left in there. Lights began to flash and the loud hum of a machine became almost deafening. Richie felt his entire body burn as he suddenly shrunk. His head felt like it was being pulled from all directions as his facial features changed and long blonde hair sprouted from his skull. Next his hips expanded which gave him womanly curves. His rear end filled which gave him great pleasure as his plump feminine ass formed. Next breasts balloned from his chest which gave him a warm and sexual feeling. Then came the final stage and the pivotal one. His penis and testicles retracted inside him to become a moist slit which formed his vagina.
The first thing Richie did when he, or she, was released was run for a mirror. She couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked with her pristine white teeth, her gorgeous green eyes, her round breasts and her tempting bum.
“What’s your new name gonna be miss?” Asked the government man who was holding a clipboard.
“That is one beautiful name for a beautiful lady Rose”
“Why thank you sir” replied Rose who was clearly humbled by the compliment.
“I guess you best be on your way miss Rose”
“No not yet I don’t want you to forget me. Let me take a selfie for you to remember me by.”
The goveenment man handed Rose a phone and she posed with a mirror in the background to ensure she got all her highlights.
“Thank you very much sir. I never thought I could love being a woman so much. Maybe you should try it”
And Rose exited into the greater world.


Julian was so thirsty he couldn’t bare his parched throat anymore. He rushed into a restaurant and ordered the “Teen Thick Shake”. Little did Julian know that he was in the TG restaurant.
Julian’s body began to transform and he shrunk rapidly. The shrinking was followed by a sudden growth of long brown hair. His face felt twisted as it changed shape. Two mounds of flesh sprout from his chest and all body hair disappeared. His torso pinched to create a feminine figure. His bottom felt hot as it softened slightly. Then his male genitalia retracted. He threw his hand down between his legs and found nothing. Julian came to the conclusion that he was indeed a she. Julian was distraught and began abusing a waitress demanding answered. All the waitress had to do was point to the sign at the front of the shop which read: Read more

Couldn’t Be Happier

Connor must of been the first in the door of the TG Restaurant. Being female had been a long-lasting desire for him and now he could experience it at a cheap price. He ordered the Teen Thick Shake.
His body changed from the first gulp and he came a cute blonde teenage girl with full breasts. Connor chose to now be identified as Carla and she couldn’t be happier with her new form.

Thank God for the Femchamber

The Femchamber saves lives. I went from a depressed man considering why I even bothered to breath to a happy female.
I love being a woman. The fact that I can move and sit without the annoying hinderance of male genitalia is perfect. I love the way I can wear dresses that allow air to get to my feminine crotch. I love my smooth skin and the pretty clothes. And believe me, I don’t understand men can’t stand living without a pair of breasts to play with.
In conclusion, as I hold my glass high between my girly hands, I can not thank the Femchamber enough for saving my life.