Girls having fun with me!

Request of: @JonyDubois

My girlfriend was acting strangely for a few days, but when she told me to go to her house during the night, and some of her girl friends convinced her to have fun with me, I figured out what it was!
I arrived during the night, and I could hear their giggles. My girlfriend received me, she was wearing very sexy lingerie, and she told me that this was my last chance not to participate. Who would be crazy to refuse a chance of them! So I continued!
She took me to a room where all the girls were. The bedroom was pink and very feminine, and all the girls were wearing sexy lingerie! I was already very excited! This will be the best night of my life!
One of the girls came to me, she’s very pretty and hot, she put one of her fingers on my lips, and in a very sexy voice she told me to close my eyes because they had a surprise for me! I closed my eyes, and felt that they threw some latex-like material over my body, when I opened my eyes, could not see anything, and that stuff began to tighten, and molded itself around my body!
I could see, and I saw that it was as if I had a second skin, but feminine! Then one of the gartoas came back, and closed the zipper, which immediately disappeared!
Now I am a beautiful girl, much younger than my girlfriend and her friends, with big and delicate beaks, soft white skin, and beautiful blond hair!
They said that this model was a permanent transformation, and that from now on, I would be their doll! They said they will play with me and even satisfy their sex drawings with me as well, and that every day I would stay in one’s house!
Today I’m at the girl’s house that told me to close my eyes, she told me that we’ll spend all day trying on feminine and cute clothes! She told me that she would train me to be the best little doll of all! And that all the girls will love to play with me!
I’m trying on some bras, panties and stockings now, I’m really ashamed, but I have to admit … I’m really enjoying it!


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