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Read the disclaimer

His roomate gone for the day, Mike was enjoying his favorite hentai website, searching for a very specific kind of video. Even if he found a bunch of catgirl getting fucked, nothing seems to satisfy him. At the end of the result the website proposed him an option he never saw before.
“Submit yourself” that’s how it was called. Taking this as a suggestion option, he clicked on the button. A disclamer appeard but, that kind of thing usually bothering me, he passed it and accept it. He saw an upload bar progressing and wonder why he haven’t been ask anything of what he wanted.
Suddenly a bright light blinded him and, in a flash, he was gone, leaving just his clothes behind him on his computer chair.
When Mike open his eyes he was in a new room. Feeling a weird weight in his chest he look down and saw two gigantic breasts. Seeing himself in a nearby mirror, he realised he was now a busty redhead catgirl, exactly the kind of girl he have search so long on the internet. He was trying to compose with what’s going on when he heard a “ding” sound effect and suddenly felt someone behind him. A man took his wrist in each hands and pulled them behind him. He didn’t have much time to try to release himself before he felt something entering a part of his body he never felt before. Paralysed by the powerful sensations of his new body, he couldn’t do nothing but being fucked like the catgirl he wanted to see previoulsy. That’s when he realise he was leaving his wanted video, but as the main character. After ten minutes, the man released his seed in Mike pussy, leaving him fall on the florr in a mixture of extasy and shame. Without some time to rest a flash appeard and he went back in time, sitting like he were 10 minutes ago, his body still intact.
There was another ring was heard and the man take him again and Mike could do nothing against it.
He was still fucking when he heard another sound effect ring and it was like his body have duplicated but with the same mind. With some gap of time he was living the same scene but felt the two at once. Mike’s mind was in a mess, he cannot cope with the new feelings of his female body and didn’t understand what’s happening to him. As he began to give in, he moaned in pleasure and fill his role in the scene.
Mike should have read the disclaimer where all was explained. By acepting to submit himself, he accepted to let the website use him to create the exact video he wanted to see. It was usually used by some user to live their fantasy and all they needed to do to exit it was to say the right password. But Mike skip tat part and have no idea how to pull himself out of his own fantasy.
Stuck as a catgirl, he were fucked in loop. Each sound effect was a view of a user palying the video and Mike was living his sex scene every time it was played. And since he didn’t know how to end it, it was very likely he will be stuck as Mikki the sexy catgirl for a long time.