Daisy Breaks Free – Wendy’s RFK continues…

Daisy slowly left the bathroom after finishing touching up her heavy, sexy make up, and, even though she had wanted very badly to put on the large, loose fitting bathrobe hanging on the shower wall, as usual, she just couldn’t bring herself to put on anything if it didn’t fit her punk rock porn star look. She couldn’t find any of her clothes from last night (she reminded herself to try not to think about last night, just think about the plan! It had worked for almost two weeks, something went wrong yesterday, but that could have been a fluke!) so she was wearing only a tiny, floss thin black G string, the strap running up her firm, round ass cheeks and buried between them until it connected with the tiny black triangle printed with small pink flowers that barely covered her pussy. Daisy hated the things, but they were the kind that her boyfriend had said turned him on, so she almost always wore them, at least when she was able to get herself to wear any panties at all.

She was pleased she at least found a towel to wrap around herself, knowing that several of the motel window blinds were open, and as soon as the sun was up her feminine frame would be on display to anyone passing by. Unfortunately, then she spotted her shoes on top of the sink, and suddenly a wave of pleasure swept over her body, causing her to drop the towel into a puddle of spilled beer and water, and as her memory flashed back to an image of last night – her huge, bodybuilder sized boyfriend Truck carrying her over his shoulder like a doll, then lifting her up and sitting her on the bathroom counter, ripping her skirt off, then her shoes, lowering his head and using his huge hands to spread her legs, his tongue tracing down from her belly button, lower, lower…

Daisy shook her head and tried to clear the humiliating memories, and realized she’d just put on the shoes, six inch black open toe stripper heels, with tiny pink flowers to match her panties. She silently swore revenge on that fucking evil bitch Wendy again, knowing now that the shoes would make this even harder, but, also knowing that she would be unable to take them off now that they were on. She calmed herself and then started she stepping as lightly as she possibly could, cautiously approaching the large,circular, red and pink bed, it’s silk sheets and covers in a shambles, rumpled and thrown across it and all over the floor,

Last night, when her boyfriend Truck had called, on his way home from work and said he thought it would be really hot if she met him at the strip club that they used to hang out at all the time before they became a couple, and role play that she was a hooker, then he would pick her up and they would go to the cheap, sleazy motel next door and continue the hooker fantasy.

Daisy had winced when she heard what he said, but, as usual, if when Truck was away from her for more than an hour she would get so horny that she would have almost no control at all over her actions or words, degenerating totally into her roll as Truck’s air headed slutty punk rock nympho girlfriend.

As much as her mind was screaming to say “no!” – to just ask him just to come home and masturbate, she’d even dance for him like he likes, while she fingers herself in front of him so she could get off and calm her body without having to be his fantasy sex toy for an entire fucking night doing god know what yet again… instead she heard her lisping, high pitched voice purr like a cat and then start speaking totally out of her control.

“Ooooh that sounds so hot baby! I’m going to be your whore tonight, and if you have the cash I’ll let you fuck my slutty hooker pussy as hard and long as you want!” She said and immediately hurried to her closet. She kept talking to Truck, who was on a break at his job, unable to resist acting out his fantasy now that he’d said it to her, and as she looked through the closet filled with slutty, super tight, skimpy, bimbo emo punk rock stripper clothes, she started slowly describing each sex act she would perform on his gigantic elephant sized cock and how much it would cost, continuing until finally Truck had to get off the phone, but not before he told her that he thought it was so fucking hot that she got turned on so much by pretending to be a dirty, cheap hooker.

She’d seen the outfit before several times, and was relieved each time she picked something else, always thinking she would look like an actual hooker if she had to wear that… actually relieved that she was putting on some ridiculous slutty outfit, just glad it wasn’t THAT one… the one she thought of as “hooker” clothes… and she knew that tonight she’d wear it.

As much as her actual persona was mortified at the idea of it, her face blushing as she imagined wondering if she might even be arrested, found herself putting on the tiny pink and black cheetah print mini skirt and a tiny, skin tight, sleeveless black belly shirt with “AVN Porn Awards” in pink on the front, and “Best Cock Sucker 2015” in pink across the back. It was so tight Daisy could barely get it over her head, and once it was on you could clearly see each bounce of her braless small, pointy breasts and her high, oversized nipples that were so high and pointy they looked constantly erect even when they weren’t. She hated how sensitive they were, the slightest stimulation and they started to swell and extend up at almost a forty degree angle, becoming so big that even on the rare occasions she wore a bra they looked like radio dials sticking out of her chest.

Knowing once she had been given and urge like this from her boyfriend she couldn’t control herself, she s till tried with all her might to stop from leaving the apartment, her formerly male mind burning with rage and humiliation as she tottered out the door dressed in an outfit that probably wasn’t legal considering that you could see the bottoms of her tits, ass cheeks and if she didn’t constantly pull her skirt down, even her pussy, and she headed out for what would end up being the most torturous, humiliating, embarrassing night yet in the month since Wendy had used some kind of magic to change reality… making her so horny all the time, making her crave her boyfriends gigantic cock, making her sex drive go off the charts when his dick gets hard and becomes aroused.

Wendy had changed Truck as well, making him think of Daisy as his girlfriend, and act the part of her boyfriend, even though he knew what was really going on. On top of that, he had a compulsion, each time he became aroused, to tell Daisy about any sexual fantasy he might have… and then, they become hers as well until she acts it out for him. Daisy was basically a walking, talking, breathing sex doll, unable to resist doing anything her boyfriend desired…

Trying to forget about last night, she slowly moved towards the bed, trying not to wake her snoring boyfriend. She leaned down and moved the covers, and looked at his nude body, the sight of his huge cock, which even flaccid was as big as her forearm bringing back more of the previous evening, which, had ended up being her worst, most humiliating night yet, which she would have thought impossible yesterday.

What she didn’t know was that Wendy, who had been busy with her rabbit’s foot and watching and tormenting her other “playthings” as she now thought of them, had decided to check in on them for the first time in weeks yesterday morning.

Wendy was surprised to see that Daisy, formerly that asshole, sexist, racist dirt bag Dylan, had figured out a way to workaround part of her curse she’d put on her. She’d discovered that if she instigated sex with Truck, early and often, catching him off guard, usually with a wake up blow job, then quickly turned him on again and made him cum and keep his mouth shut (she had done this turning the stereo to a loud, strip club style rock song, cranked up so loud she could not hear him speak, and then, her tattoo and piercing covered body dressed in a skin tight cheerleading uniform from the local high school, complete with pom poms dancing and gyrating, swinging her ass around, sucking on her fingers and smiling, until his cock began to swell.

She then charged forward and leaped on the bed. Her legs spread, she straddled him and slid her pussy over his dick, bounced up and down, and furiously fucked his huge cock. She kept using the pom poms to keep him from moving close enough to speak to her, and when he moved around those, grabbing him and passionately kissing him. She bucked up and down, impaling her tiny, petite body faster and faster on her boyfriend’s gigantic, foot long cock (another part of Wendy’s changes, deciding that even though Truck’s dick had been very large, she wanted the former loud mouthed sexist pig to really get the full female experience, and wished Truck’s dick to a ridiculous 12 inches long).

Wendy was confused, knowing that Daisy was only forced to act like a slut when Truck was horny and told her what he wanted, but afterwords, she realized what Daisy’s game was. Truck, worn out from the furious sex, realized he was late for work at the auto garage, and hurried out the door. Knowing she had sated his lust for at least half the day, and not having to deal with any of the text messages, phone calls or offhanded comments he would make in the past that lead to things such as Daisy spending the day sending him pictures of her masturbating, or shopping for slutty lingerie, or going for yet another piercing or tattoo, or dressing as a french maid and cleaning the house, or taking pole dancing lessons…

Instead, Daisy was able to gain a large amount of control of her actions… Wendy, invisible to the nude girl watched as she ran to the shower, gagging and swearing as she began washing and scrubbing herself and then quickly dressed in skin tight jeans and a belly shirt with “Danzig” on the front, and quickly and quietly trotted to the garage.

Hidden beneath some junk, she opened a box and pulled out tools and a few other items, and, glancing at the door back towards where her boyfriend slept, quickly started working.

Wendy laughed, thinking how to gain time where she could act mostly of her own free will, she was forced to sexually exhaust her boyfriend (who, of course, had been Dylan’s thuggish sidekick before Wendy had changed him from a man into a woman and forced them to be lovers instead of bulling, drug dealing partners). She used her rabbit’s foot to learn that Daisy had been doing this for almost ten days, having to initiate sex as quickly as possible and make Truck cum so many times that he wouldn’t get turned on again and forced Daisy to play out a sex fantasy. Wendy smiled, thinking how Dylan, stuck as Daisy, had first been trapped as a horny slut, feeling hours and hours of intense feminine pleasure, and now, was having to act the part, his male mind actually in control, sucking and fucking and kissing Truck’s huge, male body under his own free will! It was actually even better than what she had originally planned for him!

Wendy then used her phone, which she had wished could answer any question she typed into it, and asked what Daisy’s plan was. She frowned when she realized that Daisy was working on making pipe bombs… and planned to first blow up Truck in his car, to free her from his control get even for using her as a fuck doll, and then, she planned to go into hiding, and start using the bombs against Wendy’s friends, and even her home, to threaten and scare her into changing him back into a man again.

That’s why she was so surprised when suddenly the phone wrang and it was Truck, only five minutes after he left for work. She ignored it, but somehow it answered itself and went into speaker mode. She turned to try and hang up, but it was too late… Truck had started in on his hooker fantasy.

Wendy had spent the entire evening tormenting Daisy, making Truck get drunk and unable to get hard, which kept Daisy locked into his prostitute fantasy, since the only way to end it was to make him cum. Truck, under Wendy’s control, pushed it further and further, and soon Daisy found herself hornier than she’d ever been in her entire life, as a man or woman, as she played out the part fully, cruising the bars up and down the street as Truck followed from a far, and started actually picking up johns.

Wendy couldn’t help herself and began slowly masturbating, as she often did now while watching her victims, as Daisy sat in the back of an expensive SUV and gave an overweight, middle aged banker the most amazing blow job of his entire life. After he came all over her face, she smiled and wiped it off and, just as Wendy had told Truck to tell her, asked for twenty dollars. As a final torment for plotting against her, she decided to give the slutty twenty dollar whore Dylan had been reduced to one last blow to his male ego, and as the money touched her hand, she suddenly had a fast and intense orgasm, while her john watched amused.

Wendy had Daisy turn a few more tricks, first giving two drunk college students blow jobs at the same time in a bathroom stall (and giving them a two for one deal) and then, having her let get fucked by James, a senior at the high school who worked at his parents Chinese food restaurant doing delivery and had been the target of many stereotypical racist asian jokes from Dylan over the years, mostly about his driving and how asians have tiny dicks…

As Wendy watched James fuck Daisy in the back seat of his station wagon, her head pushed into the seat between boxes of rice and noodles, Daisy learned that those jokes had been wrong, as she was driven to four orgasms in just five minutes as James’s cock, suddenly ten inches long and as thick as a beer can, pushed in and out of her pussy, until finally pulling out spraying her stomach with a huge blast of warm cum.

Finally, she wished Daisy would return to Truck and give him the money she’d earned, and then, removing the impotence she’d given to Daisy’s big, hulking boyfriend, and the two went to a cheap motel where Daisy had to fuck and suck his huge cock, still acting like a street walking hooker, until, after several hours and over twenty orgasms, Wendy finally decided that she was bored of Daisy for the night, and had him fill her pussy with cum.

Wendy had woke up the next day, and after walking to her favorite coffee spot, where she had entertained herself with a mocha people watching. She was almost done, and thinking about checking in on her favorite couple Truck and Daisy when she saw a tall, thin but very attractive blonde woman in a sharp business suit cut into line in front of two other customers, loudly arguing with someone on her phone, and then throw a fit, and call Wendy’s friend Cathy, a shy but very nice senior who was working there on weekends a dumb bitch because she had to wait five minutes and was now late, and that she had had said no milk in her drink.

Wendy smiled, deciding milk in her drink’s would be less of concern for her from now on, gripped the rabbit’s foot and muttered a wish.

She laughed, and felt the rush of sexual pleasure she felt more and more as she taught people lessons with her wishes as she watched the blonde woman, who was talking on her phone and getting into her bmw suddenly get an odd look on her face. She then looked down, and her mouth fell open in shock as her perfectly cut business soon began to swell and stretch. Wendy giggled as she watched her drop her coffee and phone and grab her chest, her high, perfectly shaped B cup breasts suddenly swelling, and swelling her bra ripping apart, buttons on her shirt and coat popping. She began to scream for help and grabbed at them, as if she could stop it with her hands, but still they grew… and then, Wendy had to put her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing so loud everyone would hear her as suddenly milk began to spray from her swollen, enlarging nipples, soaking through her shirt and her hands until she removed her hands. She stumbled, her breasts now so large that they threw off her balance, and fell back into her open door, her milk soaked clothes falling open and revealing her two new, swollen GG cup breasts, each the size of a soccer ball, her once pretty, perfect nipples now each four inches long with hot pink aureoles as big as a coaster. She grabbed at them again and streams of milk shot from each nipple.

“Oh god someone help please!” The woman screamed reaching for her phone but falling sideways in her seat as her tits sloshed and jiggled. Each one weighed at least ten pounds.
Soon she would learn that everyone else in the world always remembered her having the huge, ridiculous tits, and she would be unable to say that she hadn’t always had them even though she knew it wasn’t true. Also, anytime she was rude to anyone, she would find them suddenly swelling even larger as they filled with milk, and she would need to drain them or they would spray everywhere with at the slightest touch!

Wendy liked that a lot. A perfect attitude adjustment, but not overly harsh. She still felt a little bad about the guy that had been arguing with his girlfriend and was now a huge breasted, slutty bimbo twin sister for her… not to mention the two very muscular, athletic looking male joggers that cut her off on the sidewalk last week, who suddenly found themselves no longer jogging partners, but instead the taller of the two suddenly finding reality and his body changing, his age reducing from 25 down and down until he was a only 16 years old… and no longer male, but a buxom, incredibly curvy red head, with jiggling ass, stomach and tits and a face so overly sexy that she couldn’t make an expression that didn’t look like a come on. The other man had also reduced in age to 16, but he was now a scrawny, very small for his age teenage boy, stick thin with no muscles, puberty barely taken hold of his super young features and his dick, which was now only three inches long.

In hindsight that was a bit harsh, but, since she made sure that they both had super high sex drives, five times that of a normal 16 year old, they would be able to help each other through adjusting to there new lives… and just in case, she made them sneak off and spend the next hour kissing and touching groping and stripping each other like awkward, horny teens, unable to speak until they had both lost there virginity’s to each other.

Wendy smiled and then looked at her phone to see what Daisy and Truck were up to.

Daisy furiously sucked Truck’s cock, but, something wasn’t right… he was still half asleep, enjoying his now daily wake up blow job, not saying a word, but, instead of the usual disgust she felt performing the act… today, she was… loving it! Her pussy was throbbing and, even though she was not under his command, she was so aroused by her boyfriends dick that she found herself reaching between her legs and touching herself as she sucked him.

She couldn’t help it, she had to have him in her, and climbed onto the bed, straddled him and started fucking him, moaning and saying how good his cock felt inside of her as she slid up and down on top of it. Wendy watched the two fuck on her phone, and wondered how long it would take Daisy to realize that, even when the part of her mind that was her actual self, that asshole, sexist,racist bully Dylan was in control, her body would still be attracted to men and cocks and especially her boyfriend!

Truck looked up and smiled, and grabbed her tiny breasts and pinched the nipples, tweaking the piercings and making her moan louder.

“Oh yeah Truck, I can’t believe how good that fills… fuck me and play with my titties!” Daisy screamed, her actual mind realizing that the words were not forced out of her, but what she had really wanted to say. Truck’s cock felt amazing and his hands pinching and squeezing her high, girlish tits was driving her crazy with lust and pleasure.

Wendy watched for a few more seconds, waiting until Daisy was just ten seconds away from orgasaming all over the huge dick she was bouncing up and down on when suddenly Truck found himself stopping, picking up the small girl and pulling her down on him and holding her still, intent suddenly on saying something he thought would be sexy, an idea that Wendy had put there for fun, and to give Daisy something to focus on besides her plot to murder her boyfriend and threaten her.s

“Daisy, you know what would make you even hotter and turn me on soooo much? If you spent every penny you have and maxed out every credit card you own to go to the best doctor you can find and get the most expensive, biggest, sluttiest, sexiest fake tits he can fit on that little body of yours!”

He then bucked his hips and Daisy cried out in pleasure as her orgasm shot through her body, along with the terror gripping her as she realized she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from doing what he’d said… picturing this stupid, tiny chick body, in the humiliating slut clothes and with huge fake tits… the idea now turned her on just as much as Truck, and no matter how she tried to resist, she knew soon she’d be spending every cent she had to make her life even more of a slutty nightmare.


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