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Daisy Breaks Free – Wendy’s RFK continues…

Daisy slowly left the bathroom after finishing touching up her heavy, sexy make up, and, even though she had wanted very badly to put on the large, loose fitting bathrobe hanging on the shower wall, as usual, she just couldn’t bring herself to put on anything if it didn’t fit her punk rock porn star look. She couldn’t find any of her clothes from last night (she reminded herself to try not to think about last night, just think about the plan! It had worked for almost two weeks, something went wrong yesterday, but that could have been a fluke!) so she was wearing only a tiny, floss thin black G string, the strap running up her firm, round ass cheeks and buried between them until it connected with the tiny black triangle printed with small pink flowers that barely covered her pussy. Daisy hated the things, but they were the kind that her boyfriend had said turned him on, so she almost always wore them, at least when she was able to get herself to wear any panties at all. Read more

White snob body

“Do you think she is pretty enough? I really miss my old curves Tyrese”, Latisha moaned. “Look at how skinny she is, oh soo perfect, I look like a damn snob in this body! And on top I even can’t talk normal any more, I even sound like a white chick”, she complained once more and turned her pretty head sideways. Read more


I had just started classes at a new college. I had no friends yet. On my first class I met a beautiful blonde girl. She was smart, and hot. But the weird part was nobody would talk to her. I don’t know why everyone just appeared to ignore her. I talked to her, she was funny, and I could tell she enjoyed talking to me. Read more

Amy two

Yesterday, my girlfriend Amy introduced me to her friend Dan. He used to be her boyfriend a long time ago, and as you should expect, I was suspicious. No, I was more than suspicious, I was sure they were sleeping together. But I wasn’t going to break up with her unless I had proof. That’s when I called my friend James, I explained the situation. “I have a potion that would transform anyone into any other person. If you are willing to help me, I will transform you into a clone of Amy, and tomorrow at the bar, you will make a pass at Dan. Depending on his reaction, we will know if they are sleeping with each other” I told James. I expected to have to do some begging to convince him, but he agreed right away. “Give me the potion” he said. He drank the whole thing, and in a matter of seconds, I was looking at a clone of Amy. “how do I look?” he said with his now feminine voice. “Quite hot! Just like Amy” I said. “I guess for now, you should call me Amy too. Or Amy two!” he said giggling. Read more