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The Reality

As I stared at the weight in my feminine hand I had an epiphany. I’d let my anger blind me to reality. When my friend and room mate, Jim, had wished for a pretty wife he could love and care for, the magic in the wishing coin had used me, Dave, as its raw material. Furious at being changed into a girl and furious at Jim for making the boneheaded wish, I stormed out vowing never to return. The reality was we’d been friends since we were kids and I missed my friend. Fine! I’ll be his wife but he would never touch me! The reality was I enjoyed sex as much as Jim, especially the make up sex after our many fights. Still mad about the wish, I decided to let myself go. Let’s see how Jim likes being married to a real pig of a fatty. The reality was I had too much pride in my looks to do that to myself or to Jim. Well dammit, I’m not really a girl. I’m a man! Now what would a man do? A man would kick his ass. That’s It! I’d work out every day until I was strong enough, then I’d kick Jim’s ass all over town for what he did to me. The reality was there was no way this body would ever be strong enough. After months of daily workouts, all my body did was become more toned and beautiful. Now as I stared at the weight in my hand I realized the wish had changed us both. I was no longer Dave, the man who was changed into a girl. I was Diane, a confident young woman and wife. Jim, the post adolescent slacker was gone. I his place was Jim, the hard working, caring, responsible man and husband. The reality was my anger had been replaced with love. I smiled and put the weight down. My husband would be home soon and maybe it was time we talked about starting a family.

big slut on campus – rabbit’s foot keychain

Steffi hated being the biggest slut in the entire school, but she couldn’t help it no matter how hard she fought. The other cheerleaders constantly teased her about her tight, sexy clothes and how she was always dating some new guy, giving her the reputation as the babe every guy wanted to fuck and biggest bimbo slut on campus! She hated they way girls giggled at her and guys stared, she hated how her big, perfect tits were always bouncing in her tiny tops making guys constantly stare,drool and hit on her… she hated it when they looked at her like a sex doll bimbo, knowing exactly what they were thinking… she wanted to tell every guy to leave her the fuck alone! but… Read more

The One Who Makes The Rules

This just wasn’t working out the way Dylan thought it would. Ever since he’d used that magic wishing coin to change his room mate into his girl friend, he hadn’t had a moments peace. Do this, do that, never anything he wanted to do. No TV, no golf, no staying out drinking with the boys. Well enoughs enough! He’d had it! He was putting his foot down! He stormed out of the kitchen, opened his mouth and froze. The pretty red head, sitting naked in the den, looked at him and asked, “Yes Dear?”. Dylan just stammered, “Err, I finished the dishes”. She just looked at him. He Mumbled, “I going to take the trash out now.” With a small smirk on her face she said, “That’s nice dear.” As Dylan left, her realize for the first time the truth to the old saying: “She was the pussy. She makes the rules”.

Daisy Breaks Free – Wendy’s RFK continues…

Daisy slowly left the bathroom after finishing touching up her heavy, sexy make up, and, even though she had wanted very badly to put on the large, loose fitting bathrobe hanging on the shower wall, as usual, she just couldn’t bring herself to put on anything if it didn’t fit her punk rock porn star look. She couldn’t find any of her clothes from last night (she reminded herself to try not to think about last night, just think about the plan! It had worked for almost two weeks, something went wrong yesterday, but that could have been a fluke!) so she was wearing only a tiny, floss thin black G string, the strap running up her firm, round ass cheeks and buried between them until it connected with the tiny black triangle printed with small pink flowers that barely covered her pussy. Daisy hated the things, but they were the kind that her boyfriend had said turned him on, so she almost always wore them, at least when she was able to get herself to wear any panties at all. Read more

No Rest Tonight

In room 107, Daniel was thinking to himself as he got ready for bed. Man, I’m really starting to hate these over night business trips. I just don’t seem to get any rest in these motels anymore. A swear I wake up more tired than when I went to bed. It’s like I don’t get any sleep at all. Read more

Ryan’s diary pt 4 -Rabbit’s Foot Keychain

Wendy watched as Rianne finished masturbating as she watched her own film debut and tried to process her new situation… Wendy couldn’t wait to watch that little slutty tramp try and deal with the changes Wendy had come up with. This was going to be great! Read more

Ryan’s diary pt 3 -Rabbit’s Foot Keychain

Wendy sat in her bedroom, relaxing after a long day of overseeing her subjects. She had just turned on her TV, which allowed her to spy on anyone she liked, and of course, she started with her favorite victim, Rianne, her half sister bimbo slut who had once been her step sisters asshole, bully of a boyfriend, but now was just a horny, airheaded blonde with tits bigger than her head, and Rianne was learning to regret treating women like pieces of meat, his sexist, chauvinistic ways and how he treated and thought of women were now his own nightmare prison. Rianne’s body was not only a super sexed up ridiculous wet dream fantasy but she also had to dress and act exactly as Ryan used to think a woman that looked like she did would. Wendy had added lot’s of fun extra wishes and orders and punishments, but she loved that basically, from her tiny, stripper outfits to her gigantic, basketball sized tits, from her super charged sex drive to her ditzy voice and the way Rianne’s thoughts were all transformed to fit his bimbo body, the former man’s views of women were what he now was. It was so perfect! Read more