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Harry made a passing wish into a quarter operated wish machine outside his local shopping mart. It was a new machine, and look strangely enticing. Harry being single and having a thing for businesswomen, made a passing wish just to test this machine validity. Read more

Prosti Tutor

Preston was supposed to be Jeff’s tutor for his math class, but Jeff had other plans for him. Jeff had a special spell in mind to become Preston’s tutor instead. Read more

Prostituting Attorney

Jeff was fed up with his attorney Leon Jameson, after he lost his case and was going to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. His life was ruined, but before they took him away, he made sure to ruin his failed attorney as well. Leon had a necklace that was a family heirloom, allowing one person and only once per generation to use it for revenge, and only for revenge. Read more

Inside Out – A Hooker Documentary

Synopsis: “Inside Out – A Hooker Documentary” will examine the experiences of a young man named Patrick Lark, who is surgically and medically transformed into Penelope Lark. That is only the prologue for the story however, as much of the story will focus on her journey into not only the world of womanhood, but the world of women in prostitution. A man will experience exactly what it’s like to not be the one paying for a prostitute, but actually becoming the prostitute, experiencing what she experiences as a high priced hooker walking the streets for cash. He, now a she, will experience the dangers, taboo, lust, sex, and risks involved in prostitution, being the one vulnerable to the very men who are her clients. Patrick Lark willingly took this journey into that world, volunteering for the procedures to make him a woman, and the experiences that come after in prostituting himself for a living. Read more

Extra Experience

James picked up a prostitute earlier, and checked in to a hotel room to have some good time. It was quite expensive to enjoy Claire’s body for the night but he thought it was worth it. Claire get ready on the bed, wearing some sexy leather outfit that really turned James on. But before James started, she offered him extra experience for more pleasure with some extra bucks, James didn’t mind those extra bucks all he wanted was a good time.
And in an instant, he felt himself sitting on the bed staring back at himself with weird sensations all over his body. It turned out Claire was a body hopper and use her power to swap bodies with her client to gain more money.
James was shocked to find himself in the body of Claire, he felt so small and weak compared to his old body which is now occupied by Claire. And he was about to experience the greatest sex experience he ever had.
Which made him only crave for more..

New life.

I had my body stolen by a prostitute I picked up one night on my way home from work. Read more

Walking into the Augment Clinic

I started modifying my body for fun at the suggestion of a friend. He recommended a shop and I started with simple piercings and augmentations.
What he didn’t mention was that he worked for the shop.
What he didn’t mention was how expensive each augmentation was.
I had to work something out with the owners.
They said I could have anything I wanted if I was their new floor model.
I said yes. I couldn’t say anything else; I had no way to pay them.
Slowly, they turned me into this barbie you see before you. I don’t mind it now so much as at first, now that they’ve worked on my brain too.
But I still have one working part left, tucked away.
They say I can become a real girl if someone like you goes out with me.
Of course, it’ll cost you some money. But you’re cute, so you’ll also get me in the sack.
If you help me out now, you can have me before and after the operation.
I see you like that idea… so c’mon, let’s go on a “date”.

Learning A Hard Lesson

What do you think of these three lovely ladies? So beautiful, so willing and so enthusiastic! You’d never guess that behind one set of those sparkling almond shaped eyes, an American businessman is screaming in terror. He’s about to learn that even in a foreign county, thousands of miles from home, you just don’t abuse a talented prostitute. Can’t tell which one she is, can you? Well neither will the other eight men she’ll have tonight.

Paying a debt

Neil had no idea how long he’d be there. But in the body he was in there wasn’t really anywhere else he could go. Read more