Walk for me

“I am not a woman! I am a man!” I told the woman infront of me when she asked me to wear a thong. “I wouldn’t be so sure” she said while handing me a couple of high heels. I continued complaining while putting the heels on, “Please turn me back. I don’t want to be one of your escorts”. She smiled, a wicked smile, “Darling, please walk for me, I want to see your ass swaying”. I took a small step. I felt my ass moving, and hips swaying. “Oh darling, you turned out really hot. You’ll be one of our most successfull girls, no doubt about that”. I wanted to hate what she was saying, but that made me feel sexy, so I continued walking around the room. I felt my right hand softly touch my ass. I looked down and saw my breasts, bouncing on the same rythm than the rest of my body.

“So, have you decided what your new name would be?” she asked me. I still wasn’t 100% sure of being a woman, but still responded, “My name used to be Oliver, so I guess it would be fitting to call myself Olivia”. She picked up her phone, and called somebody, while I continued walking and possing sexily for her. She hung up the phone, “Guess what Olivia? I got you your first job. I think you will like him, he’s a rich entrepreneur, plus he is quite good looking”. I smiled, the whole thing made me a little wet, “Thank you mistress” I responded.


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