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How I changed

My friend Tom tricked me into putting a necklace on. He said it was a gift for his sister, and he just wanted to see how it looks. “But I am a guy” I said. “I know, I just want to see how it looks” he insisted. “Fine” I said and put it on. “Ok, you’ve seen it, now I am taking it off” I said, “You will do no such thing. Leave it on” he said. I really wanted to take it off, but somehow I couldn’t. Read more

The pendant

Tom had a big crush on his coworker Emily. He didn’t know what it was, maybe it was her eyes, or her perfect body, her long dark hair, or the tattoos that covered her body. He was out of town, when saw a pendant that reminded him of Emily. He thought it would be a nice gift for her, so without much hesitation he bought it. Read more

Tattoed by sharpie

How could he know? Tom was quite bored last saturday morning. He grabbed a black sharpie and started drawing on his body, pretending he had tattoos. He started with a small spaceship close to his belly button. Then a devil and a woman being seduced by him. A broken casket bellow his belly button. Then he looked for some ideas online. He added some kind of comic strip on his left arm. Read more

Fresh Cream

The tattoo you just got was supposed to turn you into a sex symbol. The transformtion would take 30 minutes. So, you expected that by the time you got home you would have a ripped body, and a huge cock. But instead, the opposite happened, you had huge sensitive breasts, and a wet pussy. Your hair was long and tinted purple. You took a look at yourself in the mirror, and if you were still a man, you will no doubt have sex with your reflection. Read more

Daisy Breaks Free – Wendy’s RFK continues…

Daisy slowly left the bathroom after finishing touching up her heavy, sexy make up, and, even though she had wanted very badly to put on the large, loose fitting bathrobe hanging on the shower wall, as usual, she just couldn’t bring herself to put on anything if it didn’t fit her punk rock porn star look. She couldn’t find any of her clothes from last night (she reminded herself to try not to think about last night, just think about the plan! It had worked for almost two weeks, something went wrong yesterday, but that could have been a fluke!) so she was wearing only a tiny, floss thin black G string, the strap running up her firm, round ass cheeks and buried between them until it connected with the tiny black triangle printed with small pink flowers that barely covered her pussy. Daisy hated the things, but they were the kind that her boyfriend had said turned him on, so she almost always wore them, at least when she was able to get herself to wear any panties at all. Read more

A Four Star Rating

Breaking the curse was simple. Now Paul was a girl he needed to earn four stars, and he’d change back. A four out of five star rating the tantric warlock had said. For each new sex act he could earn a new magical star tattoo. One for each hand and one for each hole. He just had to decide which two holes would be least disgusting to offer to a guys cock.After finding out he could only get each star once Paul had realised what it would take to do this. The two hand jobs had been gross enough, but the idea of taking a penis inside was too much.But he already had a star on each wrist. The other two had to be from his mouth, pussy or ass. Or he’d be stuck this way forever.