Bubbles of change

It was a good day. Kevin was sitting on the balcony of his hotel room with his girlfriend and they decided to go to the pool. By that time it was nighttime. Kevin lowered himself into the pool followed by his girlfriend Janice. They played in the pool with each other for a while, then Kevin gave Janice a look, and motioned to the hot tub in the corner of the pool deck.

Kevin and Janice start playfully racing to the hot tub, Janice in the lead. Kevin catches up and jumps into the pool. Janice however does not jump into the pool after him.

“Aren’t you coming in..” Kevin’s voice trailed off when he heard a feminine voice. “Am I a chick?” he looked down to see two perfect breasts staring back at him. “OH MY GOD! Janice what happened?”

“I guess the hot tub changed you into a fucking hot chick. I’d so bang you right now.”And I’m gonna call you Karen. Oh yea, don’t expect me to jump in, I’m already hotter than you.”

“This isn’t okay! I mean lesbian sex sounds great, but this isn’t me!” Karen was squealing very loudly now

“It’s alright..” Janice tried to calm her down

“It’s alright?! I’m a chick! I need help!”

“Only if you have sex with me in our suite right now.” Janice replied seductively

“Well that is an offer I cannot refuse!” Karen started to feel horny, and was drooling over the chance to have lesbian sex with her girlfriend.


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