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Wife (awruk88)

Martin awoke to shock. A woman, on a beach. He was no longer a man on his couch. That was an absolute certainty. Then it began flooding back to him. His friend, or former friend made Martin female. A beautiful girl with a slim yet not featureless body and blonde hair. Mia. Martin was hypnotised to be Mia, the girlfriend of his friend.
Martin was furious and the memories kept flooding back. His friends extravagant dinners with Mia which often followed a passionate session in a hotel room. Martin recalled the way that himself as a woman was an expert of walking in heels and wearing make up despite never having any experience before. Then he remembered the marriage.
This was not any day at the beach. It was Mia’s honeymoon following her wedding. Her beautiful wedding were she wore the most elegant white dress. She was so pretty. It disgusted Martin.
However, there was no way out. Martin was Mia, he would never be a male again. He was a woman and the wife of his friend, her husband. It’s time to move on and live the life as the wife of his friend.

Trouble At Sea

I knew something wasn’t right. I knew it. That freighter was obscenely suspicious yet I did nothing about it absolutely nothing. I didn’t think to move my boat well clear. It cost me.
It was carrying a feminising chemical and they released. I inhaled the toxic substance and inhaled it deeply. It changed my body from top to bottom. I was soon a petite blonde. A female.
Why didn’t I move the boat?


This wasn’t an accident. Unlike others, we knew. We knew about the contamination in the water. We wanted to jump in it just to find out. What did it feel like to be a woman?
Step by step we went in to the pool. Every bit of our bodies the water touched made it feminine. As the water swelled above our feet our feet shrunk, hair abolished and toenails polished. As we went further in our legs became womanly and smooth. Soon there was the introduction of wide hips and a plump ass as well as two pink lips forming a vagina. Further and further until we dunked our heads under and into femininity.
We were both so excited. We couldn’t wait to learn more and buy sexy bikinis. Let’s see what’s ahead.


They were right. Ocean water really does make you feel better. It certainly makes my skin softer and makes it feel like you have more room downstairs. Oh wait, I’m a woman. Even better.

This Isn’t Good

They’re breasts. I have breasts. They weren’t there before. What’s on my shoulder? I put my hand to my shoulder to examine the scene. It was hair. That’s strange because I have short hair. I sit on a seat in the pool and cross my legs as I think. I’d never found crossing my legs so comfortable. Something’s not right. I put my hand down to investigate. I’m so comfortable because I have a pussy my dick is gone. I am a woman. Something’s in the pool. Someone has contaminated the pool. This isn’t good. I don’t want to be a woman I’m a man. This isn’t good.

Don’t drink the water

James: “Dude? what was on that water? I feel dizzy”
Me: “I don’t know, I feel dizzy too. Everybody is looking at us”
James: “Have you seen how that guy is checking you out?” Read more

Doing it together

Seb and Dave made a pact that if they were going to go on a holiday to TG Island they were going to do it together. It took them years to save up the required money but they finally got there.
TG Island is a small island in the Pacific where everybody switches genders when they are there. Seb and Dave finally got there and became Samantha (left) and Diane (right). The two had never been happier and are currently trying to agree to a deal that would allow them to stay permanently to work at the local resorts.
They simply love the comfort of not having that inconvenient male genitalia between the gorgeous legs, having smooth skin and wearing different clothes like skirts, bikinis, bras and dresses instead of the plain pants and T-shirt.
Samantha and Diane are all to busy recommending the getaway to their friends.

Accidental FOSE, Cascades of Joy

Jamie was extremely disturbed at first when he discovered he had Swapped into his sisters body after the FOSE. It just had to happen right when his mind had started wondering during a less-than-satisfying masturbation session. However, he soon discovered the joys of the female anatomy when combined with a heavenly flow of warm water. He couldn’t believe the feeling that were being transmitted from his new clit. Each new pulse of water sent shivers and shockwaves throughout this unfamiliar body. “A little fun won’t hurt while they try and figure out how to reverse this…” He thought to himself, as yet another orgasm rocked his sisters aroused body, and he could help but move his fingers to stimulate the already hyper clit some more. Little did he know at this point that the FOSE would never be reversed, and his sister, who had been swapped into his masturbating body and whose belly was now covered in cum from the orgasm she had just finished for him, was not going to be as pleased. Especially when the link as to who swap with who was discovered. Needless to say, thing were going to be veeeery awkward for a while…

Bubbles of change

It was a good day. Kevin was sitting on the balcony of his hotel room with his girlfriend and they decided to go to the pool. By that time it was nighttime. Kevin lowered himself into the pool followed by his girlfriend Janice. They played in the pool with each other for a while, then Kevin gave Janice a look, and motioned to the hot tub in the corner of the pool deck. Read more

Heat Stroke

You have been on this island for far too long. The sun is burning your skin and making your mind foggy. You barely remember your name, or how you ended up here…
You tried everything. A fire. A message in a bottle. Making a raft out of logs and leaves. Now, you lost track of time, not knowing where you are or if you’ll ever be able to leave… Read more