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The Rumors are True

“So the rumors are true,” I said to myself, clutching my soaking wet shirt to my newly formed breasts. Everybody around town had heard about the waters in this part of the river. That they had transformative properties. Of course, I didn’t believe them. “But I sure do now,” I said as I looked over my new body, turning to get a good view of my backside.
And what a backside it was! I don’t know how the magical waters decided how my body was going to look, but I had a booty that would’ve had my former body salivating at the thought of seeing it up close like this. And my thighs had filled out perfectly too, giving me massively sexy curves.
Which was great and all, at least I turned out sexy, but that didn’t solve the problem that I was now naked (I have no idea how my swim shorts were able to fall off an ass like mine, but the fact of the matter was they had), with nothing my my shirt, which was now see-through, and my car with my extra clothes was across the street. “Maybe I can wait until nightfall,” I thought aloud. “When it gets dark I can sneak back across the street, and nobody would see me.” It wasn’t a great plan, but it was all I had. So staying in the shade of the trees on the bank, I slid deeper into the water, trying not to make a sound as the cold water sent chills over my nude body.
I definitely believe the rumors now.

How I changed

My friend Tom tricked me into putting a necklace on. He said it was a gift for his sister, and he just wanted to see how it looks. “But I am a guy” I said. “I know, I just want to see how it looks” he insisted. “Fine” I said and put it on. “Ok, you’ve seen it, now I am taking it off” I said, “You will do no such thing. Leave it on” he said. I really wanted to take it off, but somehow I couldn’t. Read more

Lover’s Exchange to Happiness

Glen’s girlfriend found out about his secret on their trip to Italy, after a long talk in their hotel room. Always an excellent boyfriend, Glen treated Skyler like a queen, and she consistently felt like she didn’t measure up on her end to his kindness and generosity. He had even paid entirely for their trip, without even asking for a cent from Skyler. She had to admit to herself she was a bit shocked and thrown a curveball when she heard the confession from Glen, not that he cheated or did anything bad, but that he, in fact, wanted to be a she. He wanted to be a woman. Skyler finally asked him a simple question. Read more

From captured to lover

As the vapors cleared, my new body was revealed. I had breasts and a pussy to match. I wanted out, but not because I wanted to escape, but because my new body was eager to please a man. And my captor was sure looking hot. I pressed my breasts against the glass and laughed. He openned the door, releasing me, I quickly walked out and kissed him. Read more

Best Friends to Girlfriends

Joe and Jack were were flatmates and friends.
“I am tire of being single.”Said Jack
“Yeah me too.” Said Joe.
“I wish both had a hot busty teenage slutty girlfriend.” Read more

Consulting a Book

Jeff was tired of the TG caption site he loved to visit, being frequently down. He used a book which he thought would give him information on what to do about the site, perhaps fixing it. However, as he read more and more of the book, he realized it was not to fix websites, but was something else entirely, disguised as a PC tech book only in name. After ready more and more, he suddenly felt different after a warm flash of light washed over him. We see him here looking stunned after the transformation, the change in the captions he frequently wrote about male to female had come true for him, he was now a young woman. As she looked at her soft skin and ample new natural breasts, he wouldn’t be so much worried about the site being down now. He, well she, had more important matters to attend to after the change.

A Bet is a Bet

Ted and Jerry agreed that whomever won the bowling game would be able to tell the loser to do whatever he wanted during the next game. Ted didn’t know that there was more to Jerry than it seemed, so when Ted lost the match, he was shocked when he was suddenly transformed into a naked woman wearing only pink heels and fishnet gloves. Even his bowling ball had changed to pink, but his new plump painted lips were open in shock not only at the changes, but Jerry grabbing his new soft round ass with his firm male hands, with his erection out with an evil grin. Let’s just say the next game went very different for Ted.