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Mature Relaxing

A: I can’t believe you’re wearing your Mom’s swim suit. This is a chance for us to unwind and not be squeezed into women’s clothes.
B: It just didn’t feel right, plus I didn’t want my boobs swaying and bobbing around like yours.
C: Whatever, it feels kind of nice to let them loose. I couldn’t believe what a difference a bra makes, but after several hours I just wanted to let them hang loose. I should suggest my mother do this more often it’d do her good to relax.
A: Hopefully our Mom’s aren’t relaxing too much. We need them to ace our final exams today.
D: I still can’t get over the look on their faces when we pulled off this body swap and they had to go to school in our place. Might have to swap again if I ever fall behind though I can’t wait to get back to my young body. I get so tired so easily and it’s just weird being so short and weak. Not to mention using the bathroom as her.
C: Yeah, that was so weird figuring out how peeing would work. I am going to be so appreciative of standing to pee when we go off to summer camp. Squatting would suck.
B: So did any one experiment..?
All: Ew gross, it’s our mom’s body.
A: This is just a temporary swap to help our grades. Plus think how nice our Mom’s will be now that they know we can do this.
B: Well, my father came home for lunch and wanted a quickie. I didn’t know what to do so I just went along with it. And it was amazing!
D: Gross, and the rule was no funny business. You better hope that doesn’t mess up the swap back.
B: Yeah, I hope…

Bubbles of change

It was a good day. Kevin was sitting on the balcony of his hotel room with his girlfriend and they decided to go to the pool. By that time it was nighttime. Kevin lowered himself into the pool followed by his girlfriend Janice. They played in the pool with each other for a while, then Kevin gave Janice a look, and motioned to the hot tub in the corner of the pool deck. Read more