The wedding was awesome; and so was the wedding night sex. Mike and Susie both basked in the afterglow of it and looked forward to the coming honeymoon trip.

But the Role Exchanger hit the young couple as they jetted away on their honeymoon and swapped their bodies in midair, along with other traits from random folks on the plane. It was shocking to them, of course, but they dealt with it the best they could. When they arrived at their honeymoon spot, they checked in and went up to their room.

“Hey, Mike?” inquired a soft but sultry voice. Mike (Susie still struggled with the new name and body) was busy unpacking their suitcase and simply grunted a peremptory response. “Mike, honey,” came the voice again. “Mhm?” Mike said, looking up and then taking a sharp breath. “Sue, wait, what are you….”

Susie dropped her negligee on the floor and stood there proudly displaying her tits. “Don’t like it, honey?” she asked. “It is our honeymoon and…I just was thinking that it’s been a long hard trip. Would you…possibly like a ‘long hard trip’ inside of me? The RE gave me your body but it also gave me other things and…oh god, I’m wet and I can’t stop being wet,” she said.

Mike strode over and embraced his new wifey. “Susie hun, my sweetie pie, I love you. The RE may have swapped our bodies but it can’t take that away. That being said, I must admit that I…your…my…cock just can’t seem to go down. It’s been 8 solid hours, hun. I think the RE gave me this thing and I don’t want to hurt you and…ohhh!!” he stopped speaking as Susie grabbed it and started to suck.

“Shut up, Mike. I’m sopping wet in my snatch and mouth, and I’m gonna use them both on you. 8 hours, huh? I think we can work with that,” Susie said, bobbing her head on her former cock.

This was gonna be a great honeymoon.


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