An Eye Opening Experience

Jeff and Dirk wondered what they had gotten themselves into. They agreed to allow their girlfriends to use their magic spell book to change them into chicks for a night out with them on their side of the fence. They said would be an eye opening experience, and they would just shop and catch a movie. As they arrived at the male strip club however, Jeff and Dirk’s sexy new eyes were definitely opened.

Dirk on the right said, “Jeff what have we gotten into?”

Jeff on the left said, “I have no idea, but going to place like this was not my idea of a night with the girls as a girl, that’s for sure.”

Jeff’s girlfriend Lana stopped the car, “Ok ladies, time for us to go inside. I know this is quite the surprise, but let’s give it a chance ok?”

Lana and Dirk’s girlfriend Audrey lead the two new women into the club, introducing them as Jenna and Darla. The new girls were very uncomfortable, and Lana’s intention was to make it more so. She and Audrey had found out that Jeff and Dirk had cheated on them previously with strippers from the female strip club downtown. In other words, Lana was seeking poetic justice for the “boys”.

“You boys, I’m sorry girls, like to cheat at strip clubs? Well have at it. Lars, Anton, these fine ladies are all yours,” said Lana laughing with Audrey smiling at them and waving as they watched the two mostly naked men approach the new Jenna and Darla.

Jenna and Darla’s eyes were opened again, as these guys danced before them, and to their surprise, offered them cock. Something about the spell made the two instantly take the men, to their objections inside, as they both got their first taste of a man. Later as their men were ready to finish, Jenna and Darla would have an eye closing experience to keep them from burning as wave after wave of hot cum approached their new faces.

“Boys, their yours, thank you,” said Lana after looking at her cum covered ex, Jenna with Audrey looking at her cum covered ex, Darla.

Lana and Audrey had sold Jenna and Darla to Lars and Anton, as they had made some special arrangements for those two. Jenna and Darla would find themselves working at the female strip club downtown, and having to make out with all their former friends in the VIP room as well. Lana and Audrey had planned this, and Jenna and Darla were receiving poetic justice. Now they would be the ones at the strip club dealing with men, and with Lana’s final spell made both into dudes, and very driven sluts as well. They would always remember who they were, and what they were, but couldn’t resist who they now were, or what they would be urged to do by their own new sexy bodies.


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