My roommate

Tom was a good college roommate. He was affable, handsome and a little socially awkward. He spent most of his time in the lab working on chemistry research. The only sign that he dreamed about women was the picture he had up in his room of a woman with a “fuck me” expression, nice firm breasts revealed through a sheer blouse and a skirt hiked up to mid-thigh.

We decided to go on a spring vacation road trip our sophomore year, hoping to meet college girls and see some of the country. Just as we were leaving, he put an extra suitcase into the trunk, saying it contained some “essentials”. Before we stopped for the night, he pulled out separate thermoses of margaritas he had mixed to celebrate our trip. Mine had a funny taste but I didn’t think anything of it.

By the time we checked into our motel, I was dizzy. He helped me into my room. It was a restless sleep. I felt like I couldn’t wake up and I felt like my cells were on fire.
When I woke up, everything was changed. I could feel the weight on my chest and knew even before I threw off the covers what I was going to find was there, and what was going to be missing. I screamed and it came out high pitched. I looked in the mirror and I was the fuckable woman in the picture from Tom’s wall.
There was a note on top of the suitcase. It said, “Good morning, Angie.”

Tom called from outside the room, “I coming in to see the results of my experiment.” I said, “don’t you dare.” I opened the suitcase and found a bra, panties, a short skirt and a sheer blouse.
I put them on. I looked good and knew it. I could feel kind of tremor within my body, almost like I was enjoying the sensation of being a woman. I can’t believe I said, “Okay you come in now.” He walked in and looked at me and said “wow.”

So all I can say is that even after he spent so much time in assembling my perfect wardrobe he was lightening quick in taking it off me and putting me face down on the bed with my butt in the air. Then he wouldn’t let me put it back on the whole day! I just don’t understand men, I guess. But each day I am trying to understand them better.


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