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Ex-Stripper Bid

Jeff couldn’t believe what was going on at the strip club that one night he visited. They were having a retired stripper auction, and he thought it was to win a date with one. He was dead wrong. It was so they could start over as men after that had aged enough where they had to stop stripping. They were auctioning off their bodies, and most of the men there knew that, except Jeff, who once again, failed to read the fine print. Most men that were there for the auction wanted more than to see the strippers, they wanted to be the strippers, even if they were a little older a little more mature than the regulars working there. Read more


When Henry swapped with Joselyn, it was to take her place for her to get her GHD, as a stripper she had not even graduated high school. However, Henry would quickly learn, Joselyn had no intention of swapping back. Henry was rich, attractive for a man, and had a bright future ahead of him. The “taking the test for her because she’s too dumb” was just a ruse. Read more


This is impossible; I can’t control them. This tiny piece of cloth definitely can’t restrain them. Well, but at least it’s true, in the water, I get some relief from their weight. Read more

An Eye Opening Experience

Jeff and Dirk wondered what they had gotten themselves into. They agreed to allow their girlfriends to use their magic spell book to change them into chicks for a night out with them on their side of the fence. They said would be an eye opening experience, and they would just shop and catch a movie. As they arrived at the male strip club however, Jeff and Dirk’s sexy new eyes were definitely opened. Read more

A Steep Price

It all started out one night at a bachelor party. Max was getting married, but his best friends Ron, Jeffery, and Michael were going to make sure that he was going to have one final night of freedom before tying the knot. It was going to be legendary, they’d been planning it for months. All the best booze, a limousine all to themselves, and of course the most popular strip clubs in town. The stage was set, it was going to be the best night they’d all had in a long time. Read more

Wish Agent

“Wow David, or I suppose I should say Esmerelda? I can’t believe it’s been a year since my agency granted your wish for a reliable money making skill.” Read more

Transformation Express: taraswallows

Ted was bored with his life, and contacted us looking for a change. We had just the swap in mind for him. He was swapped with Dana, a woman who wanted to get rid of her body because she hated her massive breasts. Ted didn’t mind, however, as you can see here, he started playing with them as soon as he got the new body. It looks like he won’t be bored anymore, especially when he finds out that he’s now a stripper.

You Promised

I gaped the enormous breasts on my chest. The spell had worked with a vengeance. In a breathy sexy voice I gasped, “Dude! Are you kidding me?!” Read more

Great Shift Behaviors

After Matt and Linda had to deal with their son being switched with a blonde stripper from the Great Shift, they came home one night to deal with even more. Their son, now daughter had purchased a huge dildo and was shoving it into her new huge pussy. Her new mouth opened in pleasure and delight, while Matt and Linda got the shock of their lives, after the initial shock of finding their son was now a stripper. Their son Jeff, now Jessica, was having the time of her life, relieve her massive sex drive for the first time since the Great Shift occurred. Soon she would need more than that massive dildo to satisfy her new body’s requirements for intimacy.

Hubby and Wife

The hubby Bill was watching his wife have sex with his friend Dale, he was into watching his wife do it with another man. Linda, his wife, wondered why he enjoyed watching them so much, but also indulged in trying out another man. Read more