Night to Remember

Mack passed out on the floor, after a night of watching way to much porn and playing with himself. Mack will be in for a surprise when he wakes up as Courtney, who would be the porn company’s latest addition to their ranks of hot babes. The porn company was the one that made the videos Mack watched that night before passing out asleep, and their hidden agenda was to recruit those interested in their videos, by magically enhancing certain blu-rays. They would do it rarely so as not to arouse suspicion, and loved the fact it usually changed a man to a sexy babe, because as former men, the new babes would know exactly how to please their male porn stars in their videos.

Courtney would be her new name, and she would wake shocked at her sexy new body, shocked that she was ultra horny, and shocked she was into cocks. Even more shocking when the company’s head director, Leroy, pounded on her door, with her barely used to her new form still in shock, recruiting her for his company, and making her full porn name Courtney Cockblocker. Courtney would find that ironic in and of itself as when she was still a dude, she used to call her friends cock blockers when they would get in her way of getting laid at parties. Now she would be the life of the party and the porn videos it seems.


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