Welfare Check (Pranked Series)

My company just hired David a few months ago straight out of college. He and I sit next to each other and have quickly become friends. I always enjoyed the stories he told me of his neighbors in college that played pranks on each other. One day David stopped coming into work and it’s now been 2 weeks since we last saw him. I keep getting these confusing texts from him too.

My boss asked me to go to his place and make sure he’s okay. When I got there nobody answered but the front door was unlocked. I proceeded in the house and kept saying “David, are you here?”. After searching every room he was nowhere to be found, in fact nobody was home. I then started looking for clues as to what happened to him.

Why is there a pink dildo on the nightstand? He never said anything about dating or having a girlfriend. Besides some women’s clothes I didn’t find anything else out of place. For some reason I can’t get that pink dildo out of my head. It’s like it’s calling to me. I know I shouldn’t tamper with it but I just can’t resist wanting to check it out.

I walk back into the bedroom and pick up the dildo. As soon as I touched it I became incredibly horny and my dick was harder than ever before. I took a moment to strip my clothes off. OMG, it’s still wet! I want to taste pussy so I take a lick. In the matter of seconds my whole body changed. I wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t for my hair tickling the nipples on my boobs. Fascinated that I was now a girl I put the dildo down and went into the bathroom to check myself out in the mirror. Wow I’m one of the hottest blonde girls I’ve ever seen! As I’m rubbing my breasts and exploring my pussy with my fingers I hear a car pull up.

I quickly run into the bedroom, grab the pink dildo, and then run to the top of the stairs. I sit and spread my legs wide for David to see my pretty pussy. The door opens and closes. Footsteps are approaching the stairs. Another hot blonde comes into view. I ask “David?” knowing full well it is.

It’s Jessica now. And you are?

I’m Sophia. Oh, you meant who I was. I was Sonny.

You haven’t put the dildo in your pussy yet have you? I didn’t think so, you still seem, well you know…

I’m so incredibly horny though. My pussy is really wet. Come lick me.

Jessica comes up the stairs, takes the dildo out of my hand, licks my pussy a couple times and then shoves the dildo into my vagina.

Yes, yes, yes! Don’t stop! I just want to have sex all the time and with as many different guys as possible. After spending the rest of the day and night fucking with my new girlfriend Jessica, we went out the following day and had sex with at least 5 different guys. My first was at the grocery store in the bathroom. The second was in the park. The 3rd was at the gym. The 4th was the pizza delivery guy. The last was on the dance-floor at the club. I just love the way a cock feels inside me and I can’t get enough!


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