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The prank of all pranks. He has no idea. The more and more he drains the flavour from the lollipop the more and more his masculinity drains. He’s becoming a woman. He won’t know who he is. He’ll just be one perfectly busty cock-sucking absent minded woman. Oh look at him, or should I say her? She’s turning out so well. I almost want to have a lollipop myself.

Pranked (series 2)

I know I have a sister. I remember always having a sister, but somehow, I remember I used to have an older brother named James too. I remember the day everything changed perfectly, I was about to enter James bedroom, when I found my sister Kim naked touching herself. “Close the door stupid” she said. I was surprised to see my sister there, in my brother’s bedroom. I was even more surprised no one else seemed to bother. When I asked my parents about my brother James, they said I never had a brother. Read more

Staying Away (Pranked Series)

In college I lived in an apartment building with these guys who were always playing pranks on each other. Sometimes, as their neighbor, I would get caught in the crossfire. I once opened the door to the stairwell and a bucket of water tipped and fell on my head. One day everything changed. It’s like they moved out overnight and 3 hot bimbos moved in. The pranks came to a stop but now I had to put up with hearing moaning all the time. It’s almost harder than putting up with the pranks because I was horny all the time. I’m not gonna lie, I fucked all 3. Read more

Misplaced (Pranked 4)

Not too long ago I had been victim of a prank. John, my so called friend and roommate had used a magic dildo to transform me and my friend James into bimbos. We fell into his trap rather easily, after all, who wouldn’t touch the out of place dildo, even if it is to get rid of it. The good thing about it, is that John got a taste of his own medicine when he accidentally touched the dildo too. All three of us were then new sluts at school. I slept with so many guys, gave so many blowjobs that even lost count. Read more

Mixing them up

I had the wishing box in my hands. After looking for it for months, I had finally aquired it. I had so many wishes in mind, so many things I wanted. But I started to think about the sudden flow of bimbos at college. “Maybe I should find our where they are coming from” I thought. So I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote “I wish to find out why there are suddenly so many bimbos”. After putting the piece of paper inside of the box, and closing it I felt a short gust of wind. But everything looked the same. I then heard the door bell. Read more

Welfare Check (Pranked Series)

My company just hired David a few months ago straight out of college. He and I sit next to each other and have quickly become friends. I always enjoyed the stories he told me of his neighbors in college that played pranks on each other. One day David stopped coming into work and it’s now been 2 weeks since we last saw him. I keep getting these confusing texts from him too. Read more

Repercussions (Pranked 3)

When people kept telling me my sister Kim and her friends were the slutiest girls on campus, I couldn’t believe it. But I had to find out, so one day, I went to her appartment to confront her. But she wasn’t home. I knew she used to hide her key under the front door mat, so after picking it up, I unlocked the door, and entered her appartment. Read more

Threesome (Pranked 17)

My friends Jane and Kim were up to something. As soon as I saw Kim get a pink dildo out of her purse, I knew what she had in mind. I tried to run, but it was pointless. Kim just barely touched me with the dildo and I felt turned on. I started rubbing one out. The two girls kept watching for a few minutes. But it didn’t take long for Jane to take off my clothes. I fell on the bed, and Kim pulled me over her. Her breasts being pressed against my naked back was more of a turn on. Jane started giving me a blowjob. Read more

Years Later (Pranked Series)

It was a normal Saturday afternoon when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door it was the FedEx man with a package for me. I wasn’t expecting a package but maybe someone sent me a gift. I signed for it and brought it inside. When I opened the FedEx box, there was another box wrapped in cartoon paper and a note. The note was short, all it said was from John … this makes us even. I started going through my head of the John’s I knew and I finally figured it was most likely the guy I used to work with in high school. I remembered always teasing him and calling him girly when he couldn’t stock the shelves with the heavier items. Many times I played pranks on him such as calling cleanup on isle 4 even though there was nothing there. Read more

The not so lucky (pranked 11)

Here I am, rubbing my clit against the chair’s arm. I can’t believe that last night I was a man, and I was at a party looking for a girl to score. I had no luck, but when I got home, I found a pink dildo inside my jacket. I don’t know who was the clown that left it there. And worst of all, it was even wet, “my jacket is ruined” I said outloud. I left my jacket on a chair, and went to sleep. In the morning, I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I had forgotten about the “little present” inside my jacket. So I picked it up, and by mistake touched the still wet dildo. Read more