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Staying Away (Pranked Series)

In college I lived in an apartment building with these guys who were always playing pranks on each other. Sometimes, as their neighbor, I would get caught in the crossfire. I once opened the door to the stairwell and a bucket of water tipped and fell on my head. One day everything changed. It’s like they moved out overnight and 3 hot bimbos moved in. The pranks came to a stop but now I had to put up with hearing moaning all the time. It’s almost harder than putting up with the pranks because I was horny all the time. I’m not gonna lie, I fucked all 3. Read more

Welfare Check (Pranked Series)

My company just hired David a few months ago straight out of college. He and I sit next to each other and have quickly become friends. I always enjoyed the stories he told me of his neighbors in college that played pranks on each other. One day David stopped coming into work and it’s now been 2 weeks since we last saw him. I keep getting these confusing texts from him too. Read more

Years Later (Pranked Series)

It was a normal Saturday afternoon when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door it was the FedEx man with a package for me. I wasn’t expecting a package but maybe someone sent me a gift. I signed for it and brought it inside. When I opened the FedEx box, there was another box wrapped in cartoon paper and a note. The note was short, all it said was from John … this makes us even. I started going through my head of the John’s I knew and I finally figured it was most likely the guy I used to work with in high school. I remembered always teasing him and calling him girly when he couldn’t stock the shelves with the heavier items. Many times I played pranks on him such as calling cleanup on isle 4 even though there was nothing there. Read more

Wrong package

I was at home watching TV, when suddenly my door bell ring. I went to the door and asked “Who’s there?” it was the postman. He brought me a package, I signed for and he left. It was a bit strange, I haven’t ordered anything lately. Anyway I took the package and brought it into the room, opened it and there was huge pink Dildo. It was very strange, who would send me such thing. I looked at it as it hypnotized me. I looked at it and a strange voice sounded in my head “Take me, lick me, suck me,” it was very strange. I closed the box, but the voice in my head kept getting louder “come on slut, take me, suck me, I know you want it.” “What the hell” I thought, and diside to return watching TV, suddenly it start to show as a bigbreasted blonde licked and sucked the same pink Dildo like in my box. I switched the channel but there was the same blonde, again and again blonde sucking Dildo. The voice in my head just shouted “Come on slut suck Dildo” I could no longer resist, I opened the box against my will and took Dildo. I opened my mouth and shoved a huge Dildo inside it and start to lick and suck it. The voice in my head continued to whisper “Good slut, very good suck me” while my lips began to swell turning into a plump cocksucking lips. My hair turning into long blonde hair. I rolled my eyes while sucking Dildo and a voice in my head continue repeating “Yes, Yes, good slut, suck me”, my face became feminine. My whole body began to tingle while the magic spread through it. My frame became smaller. My shoulders narowed while my hips widened and waist became thiner, i get perfect hourglass figure. My chest itches as my nipples start to swell, my areolas expanded, and two huge fatty piece of flesh start to form on my chest. I grow large soft and firm boobs double D size. My ass swollen in a matter of seconds turning into fat jiggling, feminine ass. My penis sucked inside my body forming delicate pussy. I fully became a woman and the voice in my head start to whisper “Come on slut, shove me in your wet pussy” as hypnotized I obeyed and shoved a huge Dildo into my pussy. Then I start to pump the Dildo in and out of my pussy. The feeling was amazing, I quickly brought myself to orgasm and the magic Dildo vaporized all my manhood without a trace. “Yes, good slut, now you Bimbo forever,” the voice in my head start to fade and thoughts about sex as a woman start to fill my mind. Now my name is Alice, and I desire to suck and fuck big meaty cocks.