Fraternal love

My fraternal twin sister Mia and I had always loved each other very much and supported each other in good times and bad. We did everything together. I acted like her protective “big bro” (even though I was born just a few minutes before her), and she was my sweet, whimsical “lil sis” who’d always prank me to make me laugh. The love between siblings is purely platonic; we had never ever thought of each other in a sexual way.

At the summer fun fair one day, however, a mischievous gypsy swapped our bodies for kicks and said it was so we could truly experience everything as each other. It was just for one month. Mia and I took it in fair stride and walked home, she giggling (gosh it’s comical to hear my old body giggle) at my clumsy steps in her heels and skirt, and me guffawing (which sounded weird in her high-pitched voice!) as she scratched and pushed at her new sweaty crotch trying to defuse an involuntary boner.

As I went up to Mia’s room and removed the sweaty clothes from her body, I couldn’t help but admire her (well, my) graceful cleavage, framed by her lovely gray inner top. It looked totally different from the inside. I adored how her sweeping eyebrows and pert nose framed her blushing face. Gosh, Mia was beautiful, and for the first time in my life I imagined her as a woman and not as just a lil cute sister. No wonder all the guys kept hitting on her; and with that thought, I suddenly realized I now had what guys like my best friend Clark wanted. Should I tell him that I’m now his crush Mia? I felt myself growing warm and a little bit naughty.

Next door in my old room, I could hear muffled sounds as Mia stripped and began to admire my fit male body. Probably she was thinking of whispering her secret to her friend Marisa and found that her pointed endowment spontaneously responding.

Well, no point in feeling guilty now: we had a month to live as each other, and we both began to appreciate how attractive we were to members of the other sex. Maybe I could call Clark, and Mia could call Marisa for a double date.


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