Something Better

Gary was on the battlefield, and wished something better was shooting at him besides enemy bullets. A fairy was passing by, and amid the war chaos, actually overhead Gary’s wish, granting it.

Suddenly Gary seen something else shooting at him, and it wasn’t bullets! He was staring at a naked man shooting his hot load at him! How could this be? Was he a gay guy now? Why did he feel so weird as well?

Gary was stunned to feel, smell, and taste this man’s hot seed on his face, but he was also weirdly turned on by it! He looked down and seen why, he was a she now! He had smallish boobies, with a wet pussy! He would later find he was now Courtney Cockblocker, a whore in a local brothel. No longer a soldier, but now a prostitute who would no longer have bullets flying at her on the battlefield, but cum flying at her in the brothel!


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