Urban Exploring


“See! I told you it was there”

“How could a house this big be built so far away?”

“Rich people I guess. Wanna go inside?”

“Isn´t this the house we`ve heard those stories about?”

“Yeah. And we will be first to explore all of it and filming it. You on?”

“I`m on!”

Urban Exploring was a mutual hobby of Keith and Greg. Together they had ventured into closed off mines, old factories and sewers, but this was the first time they explored a abandoned house.


“The place is in better condition than I imagined”, Keith said after checked the last room on the ground floor.

“One could think that after fifteen years of not being taken care off it would look way worse”, Greg agreed.

“Let´s head upstairs!”

The pair treaded carefully on the steps on the old staircase, not taking an chances. They knew the trouble they would be in if the got hurt that far from nearest town.

“Looks like it was supposed to be an bedroom in here”, Keith said.

“What happened to the owners? Is it true they just disappeared before the house was finished?”

“So say the stories”.

“Hey look! Wonder if there´s anything in those closets”, Greg said and pointed toward a pair of big doors.

“Open up!”

Greg walked over there and opened up the doors. It was mostly empty except for a dusty box tossed into the corner.
He picked it up and brought it out.
“Wonder what´s in it”.
The lid popped open and revealed a pair of shoes. A pair of high heels to be more precise.
He picked them up and showed them to his friend.
“Looks expensive”
Greg twisted and turned them, inspecting them closely. She had the same shoe size as him.
He removed his own shoes and put on the heels on his feet.

“Greg. What are you doing?”, Keith asked with a puzzled voice.

“I, uh, just wanted to try them on”
“Look. They are easy walking in too”, Greg said and began to walk around in the room as if he had worn high heels his whole life.

“Is it something you want to tell me?”, Keith said, wondering if Greg was a silent crossdresser.

“Like what, honey?”, he responded.

“Honey? Why do you call me honey?”, Keith said perplexed.

“I did? Sorry. Slip of my tongue”
Greg continued to walk around in his high heels. He was a lanky guy but Keith could swear that Greg was getting more meat on his bones with every stride he took.

“Uh, Greg. I don´t think those heels are good for you”

“Stop being silly. I feel confident when wearing them”.
Keith was that Greg was swaying his hips back and forth now with every step he took.
“In fact, I feel wonderful”.
His features began to soften considerabely now, and his hair was growing.
“You…you….”, Keith stammered.
“You what? Relax a little, honey”. Greg´s voice had increased in pitch by a lot.
“You look like a girl”
“Oh?”, Greg said and looked down on her body. “I feel normal though”
During their discussion Greg´s clothes began to reform themselves into a pair of stockings and lingerie, complementing the heels she already was wearing.

Keith looked in horror as his friend was definately pushed into the female part of the human species.
“We have to get out of here!”, he shouted and tried to drag the female Greg with him.

“But why should we leave? We live here!”, Greg said with an almost serene tone in her voice.
Keith looked around and saw how the roof, floor and walls reapired themselves, that furniture and painting appeared out of nowhere to fill the empty room. Everything looked pristine and new.
“We can finally move into our house, my love”, she said and tenderly stroked his chin with her slender hand.

Keith began to feel it. It was like an itch all over his body. He tried to scratch it but it just got worse. Even the bones inside of him was itching.
His height increased quickly and his muscles bulked up considerabely. A rough but fashionable five´o clock shade appeared on his chins.
He began to recognize the woman in front of him. It was a foggy memory that slowly became clearer. Something with B. B…B…Be…Be….

He rushed up to her and embraced her in a loving hug. She sighed in content being enveloped by his strong arms.
She looked up to him and their lips met in an deep kiss. Her husband Mark lifted her up and carried her over to the bed and slumped her down before joining her in bed himself.
He eyed her up and down with a lustful look in his eyes. “It would be too bad if you dressed up like that without me taking advantage of it”.

The pair spent a passionate night in bed, like it was their very first time.


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