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Candy 5

After having transformed my friend into a girl with a pink candy, and having sex with her, she told me she wanted to stay as a girl. I knew it was the candy speaking, I mean, she is a straight girl because that is what the candy does, change your gender and preference. Read more

Blessing or a curse?

John desperately searched the old text for a counter-spell, something that would reverse what he had done to his body. He didn’t bother to wear clothes as he read through the old book. He would have grown or shrunk out of them. Or simply stripped them off as he was approached by his next hungry sex partner. It was pointless, and all the fault of that damn love spell he had cast on himself. Read more

The Ring 5

Sam was back to his original form walking down the street when Jack the neighborhood bully had wanted to start beating up on Sam. Jack was a meathead jock who played football for college and loved to pick on people smaller than him. He was about to pick on Sam when Sam used the ring to make Jack invite him home. At Jack’s home, Sam proceeded to change Jack into a blonde bombshell he saw on Jack’s magazine in the hallway. He gave him fake tits, flowy blonde hair and the horniness to match. Sam proceeded to shapeshift into Jack’s muscular body and even gave himself a bigger dick, enhanced stamina and the ability to cum multiple times without exhaustion. Jack in his blonde bombshell body was made to service Sam who had assimilated Jack’s life for the moment. He made it so that Jack would not want anything else but to have Sam’s enhanced dick in his pussy and that was how he had his way with Jack who became his sex slave on call.

The Ring 3

Hours later, Tom had to leave for work hesitantly. Sam still in Tammy’s shapeshifted form figured he’d shapeshift into Tom so that he could have his way with the real Tammy. He lost his double D’s and bubble butt and in seconds he looked exactly like Tom down to his farmer’s tan and well hung dick. He gave himself more girth and stamina and enhanced his sexual prowess to be able hit all the right spots. He picked some of Tom’s clothes and waited for Tammy to get home from work. When Tammy arrived home wearing her tight mini dress, Sam as a shapeshifted Tom waited for her in the garage. When their eyes met, the ring filled Tammy with lust and Sam realized that he could actually shapeshift Tammy to his desires as well. He enhanced her tits so that they felt natural but were still D’s, trimmed her waist and gave her a bubble butt so perky you could pop your beer on them as you were doggy styling her. They started kissing and fumbling up to the bedroom as the enhanced Tammy was overwhelmed with horniness. Sam proceeded to make love to Tammy and make her orgasm multiple times while fondling her tits and making her beg for more till she dropped dead tired. Man this was the beginning of a great life.

The circle of Thravat gexzu part 6: Yvonne

Eve awoke on something fleshy not remembering how she got where she was, but her fleshy cushion was between the legs of some Young man that was kinda cute and seemed to be into roleplay involving Pirates and willing wenches, judging by his clothing. He stroked her head and said “ j´ ais besoin d´ une minute. vas te remettres le cheveauxs , et ton noms et Yvonne n´est pas?´´ Eve had not understood a Thing. Huh? she said, “I´ma just gonna fix my hair and then I´ll be right at ya , If ya can “ She went looking for the bathroom. As the Boy seemed to be fond of roleplay and cosplay she wasn´t surprised to find a lot of cheap Makeup and a kitschy cromb.
What surprised her instead was the mirror, which had to be one of those distorting ones because she looked thick in it. Even her face looked mollyer. Also she had to have dyed her hair blonde for that night since it wasn´t Brown anymore.
She fixed herself up and went back to that guys bedroom. Without asking or even reaching out for a kiss he groped her right boob and pulled up her Dress and panty shoving his dick into her open pussy. She giggled and started to frenchkiss him. He turned her and started to fuck her harder while biting her ear. After a while she gave up and just moaned. He came after a while then went to the balcony. Eve
Eve got up and decided to look for booze. She finally found a bottle of wine with a strangely handwritten etiquette. _It seemed like her handwriting but written hastily and by someone not in Control of her hand. she could only suspect that she had pr
Eh! putaine donne mois ton vins de Clochard avant que je tes payes.
He took the bottle out of her hand and drank it.
Eh! c´est pas mal ceux vins je dirait que cá me donner le besoin dúne fammes. Yvonne, veuxts tu mepouser mon cherie?“

Threeway Swap

“Do you still think it was a good idea to fuck my wife behind my back?”, Jason asked rhetorically as he continued to ram his dick up that ass in front of him. Read more

The Troublemakers

It was bad enough that the Great Shift put Angela (23), Mandy (19) and Don (22) into the bodies of a trio of young middle school boys but could they have not been anyone else? Nick (13), Pete (14) and Kurt (13) were some of the most disrespectful, obnoxious & crudest boys in their grade. Teachers were having enough with their antics within two weeks but the Great Shift was supposed to fix that. Read more

Leaving home

John was going through a rough time. His girlfriend left him, recently, his father died, he was stuck with a shitty job. When he asked me if he could stay at my place for a few days, I quickly said yes.
My girlfriend, Emma, wasn’t happy that I didn’t ask her but she understood the situation and accepted. Read more

Looking In

To be fair, you shouldn’t have been so hard on your gardner. Who knew he was a warlock looking to earn a fair day’s wages by doing landscaping? Now he’s stolen your body and he’s fucking your wife, and all you can do is look in through the windows, disguised as an old migrant worker who can’t speak a lick of English. You can only pray that he doesn’t decide to keep your body forever.