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She Took It All

Come on! You would think there would be just one sock stuck in the dryer. How could she have gotten rid of all my clothes? My sister had begged me to take her finals for her so she wouldn’t have to go to summer school. She is popular in school, but not a very good student. I, on the other hand, made straight A’s. Humoring her, I said “Sure, if you can figure out just how we could get away with it”. She held out an old medallion and said “Put this on. I found it in Mom’s dresser”. When I did, she touched it with one of her bras and in 30 minutes was her twin. She smiled and said “Now you can take my tests and no one will ever know. When you get back, just put on the medallion and touch a piece of your clothes to it and you’ll change back into you”. Well what the hell. I’d do it. Besides, it might just be fun pretending to be the pretty Miss Karen for a few hours. When I got home there was a note on my bed. “Sorry Kevin but I wasn’t completely honest with you. I’m stuck with summer school no matter how good I do on the finals. I just can’t face an entire summer in school. After you left, I changed into you and I am going on your summer trip to Europe. We’ll swap back at the end of the summer. Have fun in summer school. PS. Don’t bother looking for any of your old clothes, what I’m not taking with me, I got rid of.

Lack of Planning

Sigh. Four more hours to go. Well I certainly did plan this out very well. As usual, I acted with out thinking it through. You see, I bought a cheap looking necklace at a flea market for $3. I’m still not sure why. When I got home I found a note in the box saying it was the Medallion of Zulo and it was magic. If you wore it and touched it to an item of clothing, it would change you into an exact copy of the last person to wear the clothing. Then after 12 hours, you could change back by touching your own clothes. Not sure if I believed it or not, I just grabbed some of my sisters underwear from the dirty clothes hamper and drove to my parents lake house where I knew I wouldn’t be disturbed. Well damned if it didn’t work and 30 minutes later I was an exact replica of my sister. Only problem was what do I do now. Oh sure, I checked out my new girls body but that didn’t take long. After all it is my sisters. The only clothes that fit are the under wear I used to change with so I can’t even go outside. The lake house doesn’t even have a TV. All I’ve done for the last 8 hours is lay here and watch the clock bored out of my mind. I can see I need to plan out my next use of the medallion a whole lot better.

Hotel Amenities

Sam and his wife Mindy had gone to the Caribbean on vacation. Mindy was more than a little upset when it turned out John had booked the wrong room, and they would be sleeping in twin beds. The couple fought and John ended up storming off. While walking down the beach, he found a strange medallion in the sand. Picking it up, he decided to hang on to it, thinking it might be worth something. Exhausted from the long walk, John made his way back to his room. On his way down the hall, John almost tripped on a pair of purple panties on the ground. Figuring he’d stop by the front desk and bring the clothing to Lost and Found, he bent over to pick the underwear up with the same hand he still held the medallion in. John felt a shock as the metal touched the cloth, and he almost dropped both the Medallion and the panties. He noticed the medallion getting hotter on his way to the front desk, and after a minute or so he pocketed the item. John suddenly felt his body heating up, as if he was developing a fever. His room was only a few doors down, so he figured he’d go to bed, and return the panties in the morning. It was as he entered his room and saw his wife sound asleep in one of the beds that he noticed his arms had become smaller and hairless. Stepping into the bathroom and stripping off his clothes, John realized that his entire body seemed to be shrinking as he watched. His hair was darkening and growing longer, and he felt his bones contracting and moving around inside his body, as if they were coming alive and slithering into new, different shapes. He gripped the sides of the hotel sink and watched the mirror in absolute awe as his face morphed and shifted, shrinking and reforming into that of a young, 20-something co-ed. It was then that John’s chest began to inflate, pushing out two large, feminine breasts with long, erect nipples. As his chest grew outwards, he could feel his penis shrinking into his body. He should have been afraid at this point, but the pleasure in his crotch was stretching throughout his body, and John felt as if his entire body had been engulfed in sensual orgasm. As the changes completed, John looked at himself in the mirror, awe struck. Somehow, beyond his understanding, he wasn’t John anymore. He had changed into beautiful young creature with a face that screamed out sex and a body to match. He, now she, looked into her right hand and noticed she was still holding the purple panties. She hadn’t noticed before, but they felt incredibly soft, and she suddenly wondered how they would look on her. Pulling the panties up over her smooth long legs and ample, young, feminine hips, the young girl reveled in the feeling of the lace, and could only stare at herself in the mirror as she beheld the beauty before her. Before any thoughts of logic entered her head, the girl suddenly began thinking about how sexy she looked, and how easy it would be to seduce a man looking like she did. She thought of throwing that man on her bed and engulfing his cock in her mouth as that bitch sleeping next to her was none the wiser. Stepping back into the bedroom and throwing herself on the bed, the co-ed that was once John began masturbating furiously, getting even more pleasure out of the excitement of waking up the stupid woman sleeping next to her and getting kicked out of the room. Then she would be forced, half-naked, to find a willing gentlemen guest that would take her in for the night. Then the fun would really begin.