TG shower

It is a definite must have. I never thought of having one but the house I bought already had one installed. It was months before I tried it but once I had, I’d wish I’d given it a go sooner.

The TG shower is a revolutionary household innovation. The shower has two extra controls. It dosen’t have only hot and cold but also a blue tap and a pink tap. The pink tap makes men female, the blue tap makes women into men.

I was somewhat disgusted when I saw it at first and I vowed not to use it. Then months later, fumbling in the dark I used it by accident. As the water flowed across my body I felt myself changing, in a panic I switched it off. I hadn’t fully transformed. My genitalia had shrunk and my body hair was gone. My chest was much softer and my ass had become pert. It aroused my curiosity. I decided I might as well go the whole way. The tap went back on I became a woman.

I was so fucking hot. Well proportioned tits, a cracking smile, wide hips and the greatest booty on this side of town. I just admired myself, rubbing my hands across my smooth body. I’d never felt skin so smooth and hairless. Eventually I gave in to the temptation and vigorously masturbated, plunging my new dainty fingers into my new pink-lipped hairless vagina.

For the next few weeks I alternated back and forth. Whenever I felt like having tits or wearing a dress I just twisted the pink tap. I enjoyed being a chick. My ass was so hot and sitting was actually more comfortable. With nothing between my sexy thighs I could walk and sit without having to consider needless meat that hung between. Gradually I found myself spending more and more time as a woman.

Eventually, I went to the mall and bought heels, skirts, panties, bras, make up and so forth. Then I could live as a woman for an entire day if I wanted to. In fact, I did. I ended up being a woman for a week straight. I’d soon decided I’d be a chick for good. I’m not having a dick again.

I recommend the TG shower to anyone. It’s incredible. I didn’t think I’d like it but I did. I found being a woman to be much better. It’s a must have. You don’t have to change for good like me, you can just have it for fun and to answer your curiosities. Regardless, you have to get it.


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