Two and a Half Months

Ralph and Jennifer were still coming to grips with the fact that they’d swapped bodies with their parents. Neither had been exemplary teenage children that year and their parents decided to punish them by swapping their bodies and leaving them in theirs while they both went to spend a youthful summer as councilors at a summer camp. What Ralph and Jennifer didn’t understand was why Ralph was now their mother Donna and Jennifer was now their father Mike. “Because it’s funny.” Their mother said, before the two parents left, leaving the new adults alone at home for two and a half months.

“Come on bro, I’m dying to see them!” Jennifer begged, two days after the swap and their parent’s departure.

“No way. It’s a wonder you convinced me to get into this bikini, I’m NOT showing you my- Um, MOM’s tits! Now can we stop talking about this and just get in the pool?” Ralph said, adjusting the straps on his tops.

“Yeah, fine… But just one peek!”

“Why do you even want to see them?? They’re MOM’S tits!”

“I know I know but they’re just so… I just want to see them, okay! I don’t know why, but I can’t stop thinking about them.”

“Ugh, fine!” Ralph relented, yanking his cups down revealing the large breasts he now wore on his chest and turning around. “There you go, get a good look.” He said, shifting his weight nervously. Jennifer smiled and studied Ralph’s chest intently. Ralph felt a felt a twinge of excitement and shame and naughtiness, and tried to put it in the back of his mind.

“Oh wow.” Jennifer said, practically drooling. “Those are…”

“Yeah, they’re great arent they?” He said sarcastically. “You should know, you had a set until about two days ago, remember?”

“God, you’re right. What am I doing? Those are mom’s. Okay, that’s fine. I saw them now I don’t need to think about it anymore.” Jennifer said, rubbing her eyes and standing up. When she stood up, Ralph couldn’t help notice what Jennifer was sporting underneath her swim trunks.

Jennifer grabbed her towell and went to leave. “I’ll see you out by the pool.”

Ralph had a thought, but he wasn’t sure whether to act on it. “Hey, wait.” He seemed to say without thinking. Jennifer turned around, Ralph still had his bikini top pulled beneath his rack. Ralph chose his words very carefully. His heart was pounding out of his chest, and he couldn’t believe what he was about to say.

“I showed you mine… Now you…” He started to say. Michelle didn’t seem to be catching on.

“You know.” He hinted. “Your pants. I- Fuck it. Let me see your dick.”

“What??” Jennifer asked, dropping her towel. “Why?”

“Why did you want to see my tits??”

“I don’t know!”

“Well I don’t know either! But fair is fair.”

“Fine.” Jennifer sighed before yanking her shorts down, her cock springing free of the wasteband. Ralph’s mouth dropped for a second before he realized it and closed it, but his eyes stayed fixed on his dad’s hard member for several more moments.

“Wow. It’s kinda big. And, hard. I mean-“

“No, it definitely is. I’ll definitely say I’m not used to boners yet.”

“Shit, I’d probably have a boner right now if I could.” Ralph said without realizing it. When he heard himself, he looked at Jennifer and Jennifer looked back. Ralph felt himself get extremely red in the face. They both took that as a cue to put their respective body parts away, Ralph pulling his cups over his hard nipples, Jennifer pulling her shorts back up from around her waste.

“I’m going to take a dip. Hopefully the water’s cold.” Jennifer said, breaking eye contact and turning awkwardly to leave the room.

“I think I’m just going to watch some TV for a wild.” Ralph answered equally as awkwardly. Ralph left the room, trying desperately to ignore the warm moistness in his crotch, and all of their implications.

What Mike and Donna didn’t tell their kids was that the spell they used to swap their bodies swapped more than just flesh. Ralph and Jennifer would soon find that certain feelings and personality traits came with their new bodies.


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