Big Green Monster

My girlfriend and I had decided to use the magic remote to enter the Avengers movie. Hers and my biggest celebrity crushes were Robert Downey Jr an Scarlett Johanson respectively, so Avengers seemed like the natural choice. The plan was to jump into the movie towards the end after the world was saved and have a wild night of sex in Stark Tower.

My girlfriend, Jen, insisted that she had read the instructions and knew exactly the right combinations of buttons and inputs to get us into the movie and the right characters, but when she pressed the enter button on the remote, I didn’t find myself in Tony Stark’s body.

In a flash I was in New York city, surrounded by debris and smoke, and about a thousand dead aliens. I looked around me and saw the ACTUAL avengers standing triumphantly, it was incredible, and then I realized who’s body I was in. A woman’s. Black Widows. I looked down and saw my breasts and nearly passed out. I was very confused, and looked around trying to find Jen. That’s when I saw the Hulk look at me and smile.

As it turns out, Jen took great offense when I told her I’d want to fuck Scarlett Johanson. I didn’t consider it cheating if Jen would be in her body, but I think Jen disagreed. That’s why she formulated a plan to put my in Black Widows body and her in the Hulk’s.

As soon as we could slip away she scooped me up in her impossible strong arms and began leaping great distances toward Stark Tower. What followed was a very very painful fucking. I screamed and tried to get away but there wasn’t the slightest chance I could. Essentially, my girlfriend raped me, and it was terrible. Her dick was bigger than a horse’s and her thrusts were so powerful, I shouldn’t even be alive. I figure the only reason I am is because of the ci fi fantasy nature of the universe we’re in.

By the end she covered my body with an enormous, hot cum load, with the pressure of a hose. If you’re wondering if the Hulk’s cum is green, it’s white. I began to sob as I tried to whipe the goo off of my face. Meanwhile, Jen underwent a seemingly painful transfortmation into the body of Mark Ruffalo.

“How could you *sob* do that to me?” I still feeling totally destroyed by her cock.
“When you told me you wanted to fuck Scarlett Johanson, I got angry, I knew you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry, but I sure liked it.”
“Please, I want to get out of here. Please, I want this to end.” I begged, disgusted by the pool of lukewarm semen I was basically swimming in.

“Oh, it will end, eventually. Until then we’re going to have a lot more fun, Natasha. I know you’re pretty spent now, but in an hour or two you’ll feel right as rain, it was part of the programming on the remote. You won’t die and you won’t get injured, that’s the only reason I didn’t tear your insides apart with my ‘big green monster'” She laughed, leaving the room.

I kept crying. I was completely violated, thrown against my will into the body of a woman, raped by a monster and was soaked in his jizz. The crotch on my leather body suit was ripped open, and my crotch, my… God, my pussy was aching and throbbing. I had to apologize to Jen, I had to convince her that I didn’t mean anything by it! I can’t go through… THAT again… Even though I know I’ll probably have to.


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