Witch wife wants a daughter

On our twenty fifth wedding anniversary, my wife revealed the truth about herself. She was a witch.

It was a secret she’d kept hidden from be all those years because of magical decree. Mortals had to prove their trustworthiness, and that was how long it took. I asked her what it meant, and if we were going to be young again, and she’d smirked, telling me it was something like that.

We had never had children, something I’d always been a little blue about. Apparently that was also a magical taboo. Witch’s weren’t supposed to procreate with mortals. My wife admitted she’d always wanted a daughter, and asked me point blank if I wanted to be it. She said she’d just make me 18.

The idea spun round in my head for a few weeks while I thought about it. I did love my wife and wanted her to be happy. Plus the chance to be young again was tempting. I was almost 60 now and was tired of having to get colonoscopies, not being able to bend as good as I used to, and even having a reduced libido. But on the flip side, I would also be a girl. My wife was quite explicit about that. I’d have a pussy and wear bras, I’d have periods and worry about pregnancy. But I’d be young. And honestly, the idea of having my own tits was more of a plus than a minus. I agreed.

My wife told me the spell would make me a woman similar to (but not identically) my own desires. I think she was pretty upset when I didn’t come out looking more like her. I loved my wife, now mom, but that didn’t mean she was my fantasy lover.

It was only after we’d moved that I realized I’d changed more based on my desires than just physically. I’d been expecting to be a lesbian, but once I was enrolled in high school (which was a trip), and was around guys my own age, I realized I couldn’t stop thinking about sucking cute guys’ cocks.

That’s how I ended up here. Billy Henderson asked me and some other seniors to hang out at his cabin near the lake one day. I agreed, and then there was beer, and then I snuck off with Billy, and now I’m here, topless, about to suck his impressive cock.

I can’t help but wonder what my `mom’ would say. But then, she’s started dating one of the teachers from my school so…

Time to fulfill a new fantasy…


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