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Two and a Half Months

Ralph and Jennifer were still coming to grips with the fact that they’d swapped bodies with their parents. Neither had been exemplary teenage children that year and their parents decided to punish them by swapping their bodies and leaving them in theirs while they both went to spend a youthful summer as councilors at a summer camp. What Ralph and Jennifer didn’t understand was why Ralph was now their mother Donna and Jennifer was now their father Mike. “Because it’s funny.” Their mother said, before the two parents left, leaving the new adults alone at home for two and a half months. Read more

Two and a Half Months part 2

Dear “Mom and Dad”,
My sister and I (I love saying that) are so far having the time of our lives. We know it’s only three days in, but we can already tell this is going to be a great summer. How are you two? Enjoy having the house to yourself, just ~man and wife~? Dad, don’t forget to clean out the garage, and Mom remember to tend to the garden! If you guys start to act differently, don’t worry! That’s part of the plan 🙂 Read more

Daddy’s Club Night

“Dad, are you really going to be wearing that?” came my voice from across the room. It was my daughter, of course. Ever since I cast the spell to switch bodies with her, she’d been watching me a lot more closely. Read more