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My Girlfriend Is MY DAD Part 2

It was a very strange week. I was taking my Dad is a woman’s body to the mall and many other shopping centers to buy clothes, makeup, and anything else he needed to blend into this new form he was trying to discover everything about. Dad made sure to learn how women walked, talked, and dress and much to my shock, he was good at being a woman: he gained new lady friends including Ms. Jackson next door. He needed a name for his female life so I gave him a name: Rose. Everything new he discovered about his new body, he made sure to log it down for his research however, it wasn’t always just for science. Read more

My Girlfriend Is MY DAD Part 1

My Dad was a brilliant scientist who wanted to create the perfect body with a single drink. No need to worry about a diet, going to the gym, or whatever: just take a drink and you’re an instant model. Soon enough my father would find that serum but with the results, he was not expecting Read more

The Slut Gun

I was on the deep web one night when I came across something very interesting – The Slut Gun, as it called itself. It claimed if you pointed it at someone and pulled the trigger, they would turn into a sexy submissive slut. It was surprisingly cheap too, so I paid and got it shipped to my house. It would be interesting to say the least. Read more

Distant Relative – Part 5 of #Uncle

My uncle locked the app after I changed back, with the suit as close to my old body as I can make it. I still had a vagina, and I kept it shaved as the submissive suggestions were still controlling my behaviour. For once I had control over the settings, as only my phone could control the suit. Read more

Zach the Teenage Warlock

“Now Zach, for the hundredth time, I’m sorry I sent your little friend Shelly home. It’s just that I found it strange that the prettiest girl in your school was up here… not studying with you in your room when you’ve told me repeatedly that she was never interested in you. As your father, I just don’t want you using your… gifts selfishly. Now, if I get in bed with you and finish what Shelly started will you change me back in the morning? I can’t go to work like this.”

Two and a Half Months

Ralph and Jennifer were still coming to grips with the fact that they’d swapped bodies with their parents. Neither had been exemplary teenage children that year and their parents decided to punish them by swapping their bodies and leaving them in theirs while they both went to spend a youthful summer as councilors at a summer camp. What Ralph and Jennifer didn’t understand was why Ralph was now their mother Donna and Jennifer was now their father Mike. “Because it’s funny.” Their mother said, before the two parents left, leaving the new adults alone at home for two and a half months. Read more

Thai Shemale

“Ich war so glücklich, als mir mein Vater zum 18 Geburtstag eine Reise nach Thailand mit ihm zusammen schenkte. Doch es war anders, als ich es mir vorgestellt hatte. Er brachte mich zu diesen komischen Männern in einer Seitengasse in Bankok.
Sie namen mich gegen meinen Willen mit und gaben mir eine Spritze von einem seltsamen Serum. Innerhalb eines Tages wurde ein Thai Shemale aus mir. Ich bin jetz May Ling und die Sexsklavin meines Vaters. Noch ist es etwas seltsam, den Schwanz meines Vaters in meinem Arsch zu haben…..”

Body swap: From man to milf

It all happened so fast I barely had time understand what was happening. One minute I was talking to my mother in law and okay maybe I was staring a little but who can blame me when she is such a hottie. In an instant I went from admiring here huge tits feeling them hanging from my own chest. She didn’t even give me a second to adjust as she stripped me naked and bent me over the washing machine. I was helpless to resist as she used my own young male body to overwhelm me. Read more