We have been married for 5 years. We have been trying to get pregnant for at least 2 of those years. But we haven’t had any luck. One day, after work, my wife told me “I have the solution to our problems!” while pointing at a small pink bottle. I thought it was an aphrodisiac or something. “It’s a potion, the old man who I got it from told me it would surely make us get pregnant”. I knew she wanted to try anything, but a potion? plus all the doctors we had seen told us we had a 1 in a million chance to get pregnant.

Just to humor her I agreed. She prepared two drinks, and poured half the bottle in each glass. As I was about to drink it, she stopped me. “No, we are supposed to be in different rooms when we drink it”. I walked to our bedroom, while she stayed in the living room.

As I entered the room, I looked at myself in the mirror and told my own reflection “this is stupid”. I took the glass and drank the whole thing. I felt weak, I dropped the glass, I heard it break when it hit the floor. But it sounded kind of mute. I looked back at the mirror, my reflection was changing, I could see my hair getting longer “talk about some side effects” I said, noticing my higher pitched voice. I looked at my shirt, it looked like something was sticking out of it. I ripped it off, revealing my new breasts. I got completely undressed and found out I was a woman, even my face had changed, I looked like a woman version of my oldself “I could be my own sister”. I grabbed my breasts “these are even better than my wife’s”. I then ran my hand over my new pussy, it was wet. I felt like something had to enter it.

I then remembered my wife, “I wonder…..” I said. I walked back downstairs, and instead of my wife, there was a man, he looked like he could be my wife’s brother. He was rubbing one out. “Amy?” I said. He looked back, “John?” he asked back. “Don’t say a thing” I said, I sat on him, and started thrusting, I loved the feeling of his thing inside of me. I could feel his hand touching my breasts and moving down to my waist. I just could touch his leg.

He knew exactly what a woman likes, and I knew exactly what a man wants, so, it was incredibly hot for the both of us. After a whole night of hot sex, I just had to ask him “So? how is this supposed to get us pregnant?” But I guess I already knew the answer. I was the one to get pregnant. We thought about buying another potion to turn us back, but the truth is we loved our new bodies, and we weren’t going to change back. Plus, I really wanted to be a mother.


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