How was I supposed to know

Neither me nor my buddy James have any luck with the ladies. One day, I knew how to solve his problems, and probably mine. I bought a potion that would transform him into a really hot girl. It would not only change his body, but also his mind.

One night we were playing videogames, when I slipped the potion into his drink. I saw him pass out. I then took a sip out of my own drink, and I passed out too. How was I supposed to know James had spiced my drink too.

I don’t remember much, but when I woke up It was early morning, I was with my friend Amy, we were at some guys living room, the tv was on, it looked like we were playing videogames, but I don’t like games. I woke up Amy, and we decided to leave the appartment, on our way out, we saw an outdoors bathtub, we decided to try it. We filled it with water, got completely naked and jumped inside.

After a quick lesbian session, a guy showed up. He was naked too. He was hot, the truth was I was getting wet just by looking at his naked body.


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