The balance equation is called. It was a special ability I was borned with, but it developed when I became a teenager. Whenever there are more men than women in a room, I transform myself into a woman. I have no control over it, but the transformation usually kicks in after 10 or so minutes. Whenever the balance between men and women is inverted, I transform back into a man.

It is annoying imagine having to be careful when you enter a room. I was always counting, making sure there were more women than men in the room. I managed to be transformation-free for a decade. I got married last year. I got my wife pregnant. Since that day there have been no more episodes. But yesterday, our babies were born, that is right, Babies, in plural. We had two healthy boys. When we got home, I started to feel the symptoms again. I was transforming into a girl. Two boys meant the balance was off. I locked myself into the bathroom. I quickly transformed into a woman, with nice firm breasts and long brunette hair. I took off my clothes and put one of my wife’s bikinis on.

“Honey what’s wrong?” my wife asked. “Nothing” I said pretending to have masculine voice. “You are scaring me! what’s up with your voice? ” she asked. “Please don’t laugh, I have lots to explain” I said in my now feminine voice. I openned the door. It was difficult at first. She didn’t believe me. But after some key moments of our life together that I mentioned, she started believing.

I guess everything was ok, everytime I went to work, I would transform back into a man. And on my way home I would transform back into my female self. I thought our relationship wouldn’t work. But I think my wife was bi or something, because every night we have sex with a special strap-on belt she bought. For the first time ever, I am enjoying being a woman as much as a man.


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