The Twins

My evening had progressed slowly in the bar and I was on my second drink already, still without a lady to hook up with.
It´s not that I didn´t try, I used all the textbook examples but as soon they had gotten a free drink out of me their interest in me vaned quickly.
Thus I was sitting alone at the bar counter sipping on my drink when a decided to sit down next to me.
I eyed her from my peripheral. Golden hair, about the same age as me. She had that cute girl next door look.
Was she speaking to me? It kinda startled me at first, but I turned towards her and said hi.
“Care to offer me a drink?”. She seemed to tease me somehow.
“Sure, why not. One more or less wont break my bak account. I´m Peter by the way.”
“Joanna”, she said when divulging her name.
I instructed the bartender to give her what she wanted.
“I´ve been looking at you”, she told me.
“Uh-huh. What did you find out?”. I kinda knew the answer already.
“That you are a kind soul that likes to buy women drinks, but so far it hasn´t worked out for you”. She was definately teasing me now.
“But tell you what”, she continued, “as soon as I´ve finished this drink we can go to my place”.
What did she just say? I just stared at her. She was smiling a smug smile.

“Welcome to my humble abode”
I looked around. Her apartment was anything but humble. Large room, paintings on every wall, even a chandelier in the dining room. The view from the balcony was astonishing. Why did she even chose me? She could have had anyone she pointed at.
“Are you feeling relaxed?”, I heard her voice say behind me.
“Ah yes. Just a little overwhelmed”. She was the one calling the shots around here. Not me, the man.
“Here. Drink this. It will make you feel like a whole new person”.
The whisky-glass she handed me was filled with something else than whisky. It kinda changed color depending on how the light fell upon it. Quite beautiful really.
“Thanks”. I took a sip of it. Then I couldn´t help myself greedily drinking it all at once. It tasted like sweet nectar.
“I haven´t told you one thing about me”, Joanna said after I had put down the glass. “I`m quite the narcissist”.
From the inside out my body reformed, reshaped and remoulded itself. Flesh and bone restructured itself in familiar configurations but in an all new way. Fat gathered up on my chest and behind whilst muscles faded away.
The changes went on for just one minute before they were done.
My body felt familiar, yet strangely alien. My head was a mess and I tried to gather my thoughts, the world was still spinning slightly. When the world finally had stabilized I opened my eyes.
In before me I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I mean, she was good looking even earlier on but now she was a goddess walking the earth. My heart began to thump harder and my breathing got heavier from my sudden state of arousal.
“You look so beautiful”, I heard Joanna whisper as she was slowly nearing me in the most effeminate way.
Her hands was shaking when she brought them up to caress my face. “You look just like me”.
We looked each other deeply in the eyes. The rest of the world seemed to disappear, and only we was left in existance.
Our trembling lips met each other in a deep kiss. Tentative at first but we were quickly gaining speed as we progressively was moving towards the master bedroom.


Two months later
Nowdays we were know as “The Twins” around the city.

“Good morning lover”
I was sitting at the breakfast table with the newspaper when Joanna kissed me on the neck, sending a shiver down my spine.
Somehow her love for herself was sent on into me when her potion transformed me into her.
“Good morning, beautiful”. I dragged her to me and made her sit my lap, and kissed her on the lips. It still felt like the very first time and I still felt the butterflies in my stomach.
“You know Petra”, Joanna started, “I´ve been thinking. I wanna do a threesome someday”.
I gave her a smug look. “You know, I´ve been thinking the very same thing. Guess that great minds think alike”, giving my lover a really big chesire cat grin.


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