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The clothes do the woman

I tried to struggle and get free from the one holding my arms but she was deceptively strong, even considering that I now just had a fraction of my original strength than before the change.
The woman in front of me eyed me with a smirk on her pretty face. “Will you struggle against to put on every garment we try to dress you with? We´re just halfway”.
I gave her an angry look. “I will not willingly put on a bra, you bitch! It´s not natural for a man to to have boobs and use bras”.
She made a low-key laugh. “Oh, really? What do you think about your panties, pantyhose and heels then?”
“They are perfectly fine to wear!”, I retorted.
Her smile grew wider. “I can see that, you walk those heels like a pro. Hold still so I can put on this bra around you”. She aligned the cups to my foreign breasts, reached around and clasped the hooks.
I felt this flutter in my stomach after she had done that. And my head felt a little woozy. I was glad the woman holding me at least made sure I was steady on my feet. Looking down I saw that my two girls was supported by a satin black bra. It felt nice, was comfortable and gave me a decent clevage. I was glad I was wearing it to support my fairly big boobs.
“Do you like it?”, the woman in front of me asked.
“The bra? How come? It´s what I use to wear”, I spat at her.
“Thought so”, she said with another smirk.
“Change me back”, I growled at her and tried to get out of the armlock the other woman had on me, to no avail.
She feigned a shocked expression; “Change you back? Why do that now when we are almost done?”. She picked up a black piece of fabric from behind her.
“You see this? When you put this on you will become one of us”. It was an black dress. I could see that when she looked for the opening for the head. She found it and began to move it over my head while I tried to avoid it by thrashing my head back and forth.
The woman holding me changed her grip into a headlock instead to keep me still
The opening to the dress passed my head and the dress itself was resting around my neck. I was filled with this serene feeling, it felt so right to have it one me.
“Release her”, the woman in front of me ordered.
With my arms free I could complete my yearning to wear the dress properly and I began to pull it down my body. It hugged my curves perfectly and I was so satisfied that it fit me so well.
I noticed that my brown hair that had fell in my face began to take on a lighter color and was becoming more and more blonde for every second.
It felt like I was coming out of a hazy dream and now I was finally able to enter the real world. When my eyes got clearer I saw Rowena and Mallory stand next to me. My Sisters.
Mallory took my hands and gave me a happy look. “Welcome to the world Abbigail”.

Best part of the new life

My six month anniversary of my rebirth was closing in. In just a couple of days I will have been a female for 183 days.The girl and I had just traded lives, fair and square, and when snooping around on facebook she…he seemed to enjoy the life as a guy much more than I did. I´m happy as well, the body and life I got in the exchange have lived up to my every expectation. It can be easy sometimes to forget that this isn´t the body you were born with. I´m shorter but I got used to it. Weaker muscles, but I manage to come by. If not, guys often are willing to help. If only they knew of transparent it was of them to help me out but I´m thankful nevertheless. The periods was a nightmare in the beginning. All those questions about How, Why and AAARGH! kept testing my temper. Apparently I´m a bitch during my period. Good thing I`ve learned to read the signs of my body and calm myself when needed. The life long dream I had of wearing dresses all day had been fulfilled. They fit me like a glove and accentuate my every curve. I know I look good in them. What I want to point out is that I have acclimatized to my body so much that I doesn´t think twice anymore when doing things. Except one thing. For me they define my femininity, the very being of whom I want to be. I like my hourglass figure. I like my female genitalia. But nothing screams woman to me as a pair of well-formed breasts. They are always there as a heavy reminder to me of whom I now am. Often they are neatly stored inside of a bra, at other times I let them hang free just to feel the pull. You could have great fun playing around with them. Did you know that some girls can get an orgasm just by breast stimulation? It´s true, but sadly I am not one of them. Believe me, I´ve tried. Oil them, rub them, massage them, place an tiny ice cube on your nipple and just let it melt. Let the cool breeze of the wind grace your being. And you can dress up in literally anything and still look good.

I´m happy with my life, much more content. In the past I didn´t let anyone in close to me but nowdays I even have got a boyfriend.
And it even feels better and more exciting when he plays around with my two girls.

The Twins

My evening had progressed slowly in the bar and I was on my second drink already, still without a lady to hook up with.
It´s not that I didn´t try, I used all the textbook examples but as soon they had gotten a free drink out of me their interest in me vaned quickly.
Thus I was sitting alone at the bar counter sipping on my drink when a decided to sit down next to me.
I eyed her from my peripheral. Golden hair, about the same age as me. She had that cute girl next door look.
Was she speaking to me? It kinda startled me at first, but I turned towards her and said hi.
“Care to offer me a drink?”. She seemed to tease me somehow.
“Sure, why not. One more or less wont break my bak account. I´m Peter by the way.”
“Joanna”, she said when divulging her name.
I instructed the bartender to give her what she wanted.
“I´ve been looking at you”, she told me.
“Uh-huh. What did you find out?”. I kinda knew the answer already.
“That you are a kind soul that likes to buy women drinks, but so far it hasn´t worked out for you”. She was definately teasing me now.
“But tell you what”, she continued, “as soon as I´ve finished this drink we can go to my place”.
What did she just say? I just stared at her. She was smiling a smug smile. Read more

The Teacher

Eric heard a car door slam out on the street. He gulped. Today was the day his High School teacher would pay their house a visit just to test him, discuss and then inform him if he wether or not will have to repeat a year. It would suck major ass if he would have to. Read more

Great Shift: How the Shift still changes things

Norton was carefully adjusting his attire for the evening at the bars. The Great Shift had been good to him when it shifted his highly average body to a more fit and good looking one a month ago.
It was worse for his friend and roommate Clyde that got shifted into this woman across town. Norton was glad that Clyde at least was home and safe.
As he was finishing up the last details he heard a muffled sob from the room next to this. “Oh boy, here we go again”. His friend had become all moody after the Shift and Norton was the one that picked up the pieces and reassembled them again.
“Yo buddy! How´s it going?”, Norton said when he entered the room where Clyde was sitting in the sofa, surrounded by paper napkins.
Clyde grabbed another napkin, blowing his nose.
“That bad huh?”, Norton scratched his stubbled chin. Those hormones was really getting to him and his new body.
“Cheer up a little, buddy. It have been a month now. You need to leave the apartment once in a while. Have some drinks, dance a little, relax”.
The lip quivered slightly on Clyde. “I can´t” he whispered half-crying.
“Of course you can. Just put on something that will look nice on you. There ought to be a jersey or something that can cover that fat belly of yours”.
The slight quiver on the lip slowly transformed into a desperate whining cry where the tears flowed like streams from his eyes.
“I can´t”, Clyde lamented, still whining under the heavy sobs.
“And why is that?”, Norton wondered whilst he sat down in the sofa next to Clyde and held his arms around the more dimunitive form of his friend.
“Because I am pregnant”, Clyde sobbed and caressed his belly “I will become a mother in seven months”.
“Oh shit!”

Ultimate App: Going up on the social ladder

“Isn´t this the coolest ever? I can make my body look like anyone. Bob, watch this!”, Harry said and pressed the touchscreen on his phone.
Harry instantly morphed from his previous form as an bodybuilder to the more slender form of the head cheerleader of their school, Danielle Meyers. Read more

At the Bodyswap Clinic

Not many people was aware that the Bodyswap Clinic not only swapped people, they also had additional bodies in storage. Don´t ask me how they got them but they have.
It cost extra of course.
The people at the clinic showed me a catalogue to chose from, full with measurements and additional info in addition to the spinning 3D-model.
Already from the beginning I had a clear idea of what I was looking for, and I found a body that matched my expectations well enough for me to get interested.
“That one”, I told one of the employees.
The brought me down to the basement where the pods with the bodies was stored and opened up one of them so I could get a better look.
I felt how my heart skipped a couple of beats and I felt this peculiar knot in my stomach. In person she was even better than I had imagined.
The technician stood by me in silence as I gazed upon the body in front of me. They had instructed me that I wasn´t allowed to get too close because of sanitary reasons, but even from distance I had seen enough.
I gave the technician a nod and told him that this was the one I wanted. Read more