FWO: Recruiting

As soon as my captors removed my muffling hood I started to yell at them. “You can´t do this! I have rights! Release me at once! I´ll sue your ass!”
Understandebly that didnt phase them the slightest, and for the very first time I actually caught a glimpse in the dim lightning of the room of those that had kidnapped me.
Women? Those that had pushed me around looked like amazons but still, all of them was female. Five all in all, two amazons and three more petite women. Each and single one of them was a pleaser to the eye.
A redhead instructed the amazons to place me in a pod that stood in the middle of the room. Of course I tried to fight my way out of it but they were hideously strong and did with little trouble push me in.
As the lid to the pod was closing the redhead was waving her hand at me, saying: “See you when you wake up, Ellie”.
With a hiss the lid was sealed off from the outside world with me inside of it.
Ellie? What bullshit was that? My name is Edward.
A couple of clicks and whirrs made a thunderous impact on the compact silence inside the pod. Then something was being charged up by electricity.
Edward heard a monotous thumping sound and felt how invisible waves was hitting his body. They began to increase in intensity and frequency until he couldn´t make out when one wave stopped and the next one began.
He was beginning to be afraid when his body began to become numb and he lost control of his limbs. He couldn´t move at all now.
The thumping sound went up another notch.
Although he couldn´t control his numbed limbs he still could feel that they were changing. It was obvious that he was shorter now. And not as heavy as before. His arms felt lighter.
The hard surface he was lying on became somewhat less uncomfortable when his butt got padded with more fat. Edward still had control of his eyes and when looking downward he saw two breasts form on his chest.
He wanted to scream but his voice wouldn´t let him.
Golden hair obscured his vision, making him almost blind to what was happening. But he felt it when his pride and joy, the family jewels, was sucked up into his body.

The thumps subsided and with that he could move his legs and arms again. He had just brought up his fingers to examine his changed face when another kind of sound reverberated inside if the pod.
Instead of the previous thumping sound this one was more of an constant monotonous bass and it shook him to the core.
He massaged his temples to alleviate the headache that was building up but it just got worser and worser for every second that passed. He couldn´t think clearly. All he had was pain.
He passed out.

The pods lid hissed open and from the depths of it a woman took a shaky step to the outside world.
“Where am I?”, she asked herself
“Who am I?”, she pondered.
She still felt groggy from waking up but something inside of her urged her to get out.
“I remember now”, she said as her memories started returning.
“I`m a member of the Feminine World Order and my name is…is…is…”, she was still searching for her name in her mind, “…is… Ellie”. She said the name with great satisfaction.
As on a cue the door to the room opened up and Rowena, the redheaded beauty, entered. “How´s my newest undercover agent feeling?”, she asked with great concern in her voice.
Ellie looked at Rowena and felt that she had to bow down to her authority. “I…I feel fine, Mistress. Just a little woozy. That´s all”
“Perfect!”, Rowena was all smiles now. “I have an assignment for you. You are about to replace a man named Edward Corr that disappeared a week ago. We have arranged a set of papers that will make his old work hire you on the spot. From there I want you to work your way up the hierarchy until further instructions. Understood?”
Ellie was standing at attention. “Yes Mistress!”
“Dana will inform you on the details. Use any means necessary as long as you don´t get caught.”
When Rowena left the room Ellie felt a sense of loss. She would make sure that her Mistress proud of her.


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