Mom’s request

Linda wasn’t in a good mood recently. The mother daughter picnic was soon and Linda was the only one among her co workers who didn’t have a daughter. She loved her son but she always dreamed to have a daughter. They could go shoppig together, share secrets and chat about girly stuff. Linda was single and she doubted she will ever get married again and have another child but she came up with a plan that could work out, if only her son would agree.

Patrick wasn’t sure when his mother asked him to pretend to be a girl for the upcoming picnic. Sure he looked a little bit girly but he was still afraid someone would find out. Linda pleaded him so much that Patrick finally started to feel guilty. His mom did so much good for him, it won’t hurt to dress up as a girl for one day.

When Patrick said yes Linda almost squealed in excitement. She rushed to her bedroom and got back with a medalion. She told her son to warp it around his neck and wait for a bit. Patrick put it on, wondering why he has to wear it. Suddenly the medalion started to glow and Patrick was turned into a girl. He couldn’t belive it. He never though that by agreeing to this he would actually become a real girl. Feeling uneasy about his new features Patrick wanted to back out from this but that would mean breaking his promise and he didn’t want to hurt his mom like this.

For the next week Patrick became Patricia. He spend most of histime either at the mall with his mom buying all sorts of girly clothes, underwear and cosmestics or at home where Linda tought him how to comb his hair, polish his nails and do makeup. At school Patrick became the center of attention. Everyone wanted to see the boy who became a girl. Boys were teasing him or jokingly flirting while girls wanted to hang out with him or hook him up with some boy. Sometimes Patrick had enough but he was doing this for his mom and he had to bear it all.

The big day finally came. Patrick was staring at his reflection in awe, he couldn’t belive the pretty girl is actually him. Linda stood behind him smiling, she made sure her daughter will look gorgeous. Both ready they went to the car.
At the picnic Patrick was able to fit in among the other girls thanks to the lessons he recived from his mom. He was still feeling a little bit uneasy, especially the lack of his manhood and the fact he had to sit down to pee was disturbing. He ignored it and focused on his role. With all the inconvenience Patrick was actually able to enjoy the picnic and even made a few friends bur soon it was time to say goodbye and go back home.
On their way Patrick couldn’t wait to finally take off the dress and use the medalion to become a boy again. Poor kid didn’t know his mom had no intentions of doing so and Patrick will have to get used to being called Patricia for the rest of his life.


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