The lamp

My girlfriend Amy came home with a lamp. “It’s a genie lamp” she said. “yeah right” I said while laughing. “Yes! I can prove it” she said while rubbing the lamp, and she was right, a genie came out of it. He looked out of a cartoon, he was even blue. “Hello mistress. You still have two wishes remaining” the genie said. “two? you already wished for one?” I asked her kind of angry, “what did you wish for?”. “Isn’t it obvious? money! lots of it. We are rich John!” she said. “your second wish?” the genie asked again.

“well, Genie, I feel like John here doesn’t always understand me, I wish he would know what is like to be me” she said. “Wish granted”. I guess she didn’t expect what happened next, but if you think about it, it was quite obvious, we both swapped bodies. I was now Amy, the hot blonde, and she was me, the average looking guy. However, in mere seconds, I felt Amy’s personality and memories kick in. I knew I used to be John, but I felt like her. “this is not what I wanted”, Amy, from my former body said. “Oh gawd Amy, what would you think would happen with your wish?” I said.

I knew Amy wasn’t the smartest girl, but that sure was stupid. “You have to be careful when you make a wish. It would be like me saying I wish we were both lesbians in love with each other” to which the genie said “Wish granted”. The lamp desintegrated and the genie disappeared. I saw how my former body transformed into a hot brunette named Kim, I think she is even hotter than I am. She looked confused for a few seconds “Well at least I am back to being a woman” she said while taking her clothes off. I could see her pussy dripping, and mine felt wet too. I took my clothes off, and we both jumped into the couch and started making out. Her pussy was hot, and mine was too. We kissed, we fingered each other. I don’t know where she got them, but Kim pulled out some toys out of her purse. We both enjoyed a double sided dildo. It felt so great. I felt so much in love with Kim. I know we will be together forever.


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