Laura was getting nervous and excited at the same time. It was 10 years since her brother Tim ran away from home. From that time she was looking for him unlike their parents who didn’t care at all. Her efforts were rewarded when she finally found his trace. She decided to pay him a visit so she traveled across the country to meet her missing brother. When she knocked on the door her heart was pounding really fast. She wondered what to say or how he will react. The door opened and Laura saw a young woman, looking at her questioningly. The woman was obviously pregnant, and there was a little girl about 2 years old hiding behind her. “Can i help you?” She asked. Laura assumed that she must be Tim’s wife, she couldn’t help but smile knowing Tim had a family on his own. “Hello. You may not know me, my name is Laura Adams and i’m looking for my brother Tim” Laura started her speech. The woman suddenly bacame confounded, like she was trying to hide something. “Oh… Sure, Please come in” She invited her.

Laura couldn’t believe her ears. It appears that this woman wasn’t Tim’s wife but Tim himself. She explained how she was thrown out from home after confessing to her parents that she always felt like a girl. How she ended up at the other end of the country, where she meet a young scientist Adam Hill, who helped her. She took a job as his assistant and worked with him on a gender change technology. She was the first to test it and that’s how Tim became Kim. She was very grateful for making his dream come true. They were getting closer to each other and despite the age gap they became a couple. Eventually they married and had their first baby.

Laura was stunned by this story. She expected to find her brother but that was beyond her imagination. Anyway Laura was glad that her brother found happiness in his life. She was eager to meet her brother-in-law and thank him for making Kim so happy.


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