“Imagine losing yourself” a man said, “Imagine losing control of your mind, letting my voice control it”. I openned my eyes, I could see the man silhouette. “You are relaxed, and you find comfort in my voice” he said, and he was right, his voice was soothing. “Every part of your body, even every molecule of your body will obey me.” I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I liked feeling this relaxed. “Your mind is of a woman. You know yourself as… Kim. And you enjoy being in the presence of men. You certainly find them attractive”. Silly man, of course I find them attractive, I kept thinking. “Your body will change to match your new mind”. I felt some slight discomfort, but it was expected. I could see my breasts, but for some reason, it felt like it was the first time I saw them.

“Please Kim, show me your body”. I took off my clothes. “You are a hot woman. Yo are glad I chose you.” I felt so happy, I couldn’t believe he had chosen me. “Here, put this on” he said while handing me some girly clothes, I couldn’t believe how he knew pink was my favorite color. “Now, I want you to do something for me, spread your legs, keep showing me your pussy. And always always, act sexy.” I felt so hot, I pulled my legs up, and with one smooth motion, I spread my legs. I could imagine him going inside of me. I felt so hot, so turned on.

“That’s it darling. Now, Imagine being a bimbo. Wanting to sleep with everyone, either men or women.” I smiled. I could feel a little dumb, but happy. “Forget about me, you never met me”. I was a little embarrased, with my legs spread like that, I sat on a less ackward position. “What does a hot girl has to do here to get laid” I said outloud. In no time, a couple of guys showed up. They were both holding a drink “for you” they said. I drank both. “guys guys… you don’t have to fight for me” I said “I will sleep with you…” I said while pointing at the taller guy, “… today; but tomorrow, I will sleep with you. Well, you know what? why wait, I’ll sleep with both of you right now “. I stood up and jumped on one of the guys arms, and kissed the other one “Room 69. Take me there. I will give you both the best sex you ever had”


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