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(Cotjq-3)Who is the master now?

I could not believe that John forced me to run around almost naked with huge tits.
Inside I was very angry, but always when he was near me my Jeannie self took control and whom I was in control I could not even leave my anger out on his things because otherwise my Jeannie self also took control. So I tried to use his wishes against him but so far I have not succeeded. Read more

More Three shared wishes

A genie came out of a cloud of pink smoke as we rubbed the magic lamp. “I am Genieve, I am a genie, and I can grant you three wishes total. Since you John, found the lamp, you can have the first wish. Tom, you can have the second one, and you Mike, you can have the last wish”. Read more

Curse of the jinn queen

I was on holiday in Egypt and took part in a caravan trip.
After a few days I had learned the most important rules.
So I was allowed to ride alone on a camel. Read more

Fullfilling his wishes (Rhea 4)

Not too long ago, I was a man, but ever since I made my first wish my life completely changed. I went from being a man, into a 30 something woman, then an eighteen year old, and now, for some unknown reason, I am a genie. “What happened to Rhea?” I asked my master. To which he looked at me with some confusion, “what are you talking about? you are Rhea”. I was even more confused, there was no way I was her, I was Amy, I had to tell him, “Of course I am Rhea” I said outloud. This was annoying, I couldn’t even tell him who I really was. After thinking about it, I came up with another question, “Let me put it this way master, why do I look like your old girlfriend Amy?”. He looked kind of mad, “you are boring me with your questions” he said, “go back to your lamp”. “Yes master” I said as I became a cloud of pink smoke. I felt myself enter the lamp. Read more

About the future (Rhea 3)

A few days ago, thanks to Rhea, my own genie, I had started my new life as Amy. I started dating a guy named John. I knew he had a crush on me, and that made me feel sexy. I was happy everything was perfect, but when I told Rhea about John, she told me that was a mistake, I was supposed to date a guy named James. I immidiately asked her why wasn’t I supposed to date John, he was hot, and he liked me, to which Rhea replied, “He is not a good person. If you want I can show you why, but be careful, you might not like what you see” she said. Read more

My first wish (Rhea 1)

Paying bills has been dificult in the last few days. So when I stumbled into a magic lamp, I knew I had to use it no matter what. As expected, I wasn’t sure it would work, but I rubbed the lamp anyways. A genie came out of it. She was cute, she looked like a 20-something old blonde woman with piercing hazel eyes. “Hello master, my name is Rhea” she said “I am here to fullfill all your wishes”. Read more

Finally out

Even if it took 200 years, I was finally Free! And all thanks to the dumb guy that used his third wish to set me free. He got trapped inside the lamp prision I used to be in. I hope he doesn’t mind, but I will get to live the rest of my life as him. I am so happy he used his first wishes for wealth and youth. Read more


Mike released the genie from a glass bottle he found earlier today. As he unplugged the cork, a thick white smoke came out of the bottle and the smoke transform into a beautiful red headed genie standing in front of Mike. Read more

The lamp

My girlfriend Amy came home with a lamp. “It’s a genie lamp” she said. “yeah right” I said while laughing. “Yes! I can prove it” she said while rubbing the lamp, and she was right, a genie came out of it. He looked out of a cartoon, he was even blue. “Hello mistress. You still have two wishes remaining” the genie said. “two? you already wished for one?” I asked her kind of angry, “what did you wish for?”. “Isn’t it obvious? money! lots of it. We are rich John!” she said. “your second wish?” the genie asked again. Read more

Getting it right

So, one week ago I found a magic lamp. As I rubbed it, a genie came out of the lamp “I will grant you three wishes” she said “you have to wish them all at the same time”. Read more