Taken by surprise

“You got anything?” Robert asked hoping for good news but by the look on his brother’s face he knew there won’t be any. “Sorry bro, the police didn’t found anything” Carl said shaking his head. “So it looks like i’m stuck like this” Robert sighted looking at the body of his niece which he was now in. “I’m really sorry. I can’t belive my daughter did this to you, we didn’t raise her like that” Carl couldn’t find the words to apologize for what his daughter did. “It’s fine. No one could predict that” Robert said to his brother. “I know it’s hard but we can live normally if you want to. Me and my wife will gladly accept you as our daughter if you’re willing to be her” Carl put his hand on Robert’s shoulder. “I think it’s worth giving a try” He smiled slightly.

Just a week ago Robert was a normal, single guy in his mid 30’s. When one evening his niece Tina came to his house crying he took her in. She told him she had an argument with her father and asked to stay for the night. Robert didn’t have children but he treated Tina as his daughter so he agreed. Overnight Tina had put a spell on them that swapped their bodies, then she left the house. Robert woke up terrified to find he is in her body. Even worse, Tina had drained his bank account and dissapeard without any trace. The police looked for her but weren’t able to find her. Now if Robert wanted to ever live normally he had to learn a lot about being a girl. His brother felt guilty for his daughter’s actions so he took care of him. Robert’s sister in law was also eager to help so he could find himself in this life. With both of them Robert was begining to belive he could really become their daughter and start a new life.


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